Rabbits and Cereals, Grains, and Nuts

Can rabbits eat acorns?

No. Don’t give acorns to rabbits or oak leaves as they are potentially toxic or poisonous to these animals. While they may eat them in the wild, we don’t recommend these nuts.
Also, acorns are high in fats and carbohydrates, making them unhealthy to rabbits that depend on low carbohydrate and low fat but high fiber foods. Read more.

Can rabbits eat peanuts

No. Don’t give peanuts to your rabbits as they are high in carbohydrates, fats, proteins, may have aflatoxins, and present a choking risk. However, one or two peanuts, including with their shell, may not harm your furry friend.
However, bunnies can have peanut greens or plant as a part of the green mix you give them. Avoid excessive amounts since, like any other legumes, they are high in calcium and proteins. Read more.

Can rabbits eat peas, green peas, and pea pods?

Rabbits can eat green beans as a treat. Harvest them while their seeds are tiny and almost flat. They will make an occasional good treat. Similarly, rabbits can eat pea pods (without seeds) and pea plants (one of their most favored garden plant).
However, don’t let your rabbits eat dried or mature peas as they are unhealthy (high in starches, sugars, and proteins) and may choke your pet, mostly dried ones. Read more.

Can rabbits eat corn and corncobs?

No rabbits shouldn’t eat corn kernels as they have hulls that may cause intestinal blockages. Additionally, maize kernels are high in starch, low in fiber, and may have mycotoxins, while the cobs are hard to chew and have little nutritional benefits.
Similarly, don’t give your bunnies corn on cobs or sweetcorn. However, you can let them have corn leaves in moderation and corn stalks at a treat. Read more.

Can rabbits eat runner beans

No. Rabbits shouldn’t eat runner’s beans as they are high in carbohydrates and which may cause a choking hazard. Also, raw runner’s beans potentially toxic or poisonous if ingested in high amounts since they have phytohaemagglutinin.
However, rabbits can eat green runner bean pods in moderation as an occasional treat and stem leaves as a part of the leafy greens. Like other legumes, they are higher in proteins and calcium. Read more.

Can rabbits eat green beans like string beans or fine beans?

Rabbits can eat green beans, otherwise known as string (have fibrous pods) or fine beans (no string pods from several common bean species cultivars as well as other species as a treat, occasionally.
Give them 1-2 small pods and, if large, reduce the number, like once or twice a week. They are nutritious, and most rabbits love them so much. Read more.

Can rabbits eat beans and bean leaves?

No. Rabbits should not eat fresh, dry, or cooked beans. All types of beans are not good for your bunnies since they are high in carbohydrates, may choke your furry friend and raw beans have hemagglutinins, which is harmful in large amounts.
However, rabbits can eat bean plants (leaves, stems, or shoots) in moderation as part of their greens mix. They are some of their most favored crops and very nutritious. Read more.

Can rabbits eat yellow squash?

Yes. Rabbits can eat yellow squash as a treat. Both the two cultivars of Cucurbita pepo, i.e., the straightneck summer squash and crookneck winter squash, are safe to bunnies. Let them have a teaspoon for every two pounds occasional.
Similarly, bunnies can eat yellow squash stems and leaves as part of their green mix and flowers will be a good treat. Read more.

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