Can Rabbits Eat Marrow?

Marrow (C. pepo var. fastigiata) is both summer and winter squash eaten as a vegetable. Its semi-shrub plant with a creeping tendency, bears an oblong cream to dark green fruits with a broader apex, a white flesh. Besides the usual ones, there are giant marrows in the UK, which grow much more prominent.

You can use it more or less the way you use zucchinis, i.e., you can bake it, roast, grill, or made part of a savory dish or other cooking types.

Can Rabbits eat marrow - Stripped marrow
Stripped marrow

Can rabbits eat marrow?

Yes. Marrows will make a good treat for your rabbits. Give them about a teaspoon per two pounds body weight together with the skin. If you harvest them as summer squashes (immaturely), your rabbits can eat together with their seeds. However, if harvested after they mature, remove seeds.

Seeds of a mature marrow present a choking hazard and are unhealthy (high in fats and carbohydrates). On the other hand, perfect bunny diets are low in fats and carbs.

Finally, looking at their nutritional profile, they have folate, potassium, vitamin A, thiamine, and magnesium, among other nutrients. Your bunny will benefit from them all.

Marrow plants

Again, rabbits can eat marrow plants (leaves, stems, and flowers). They are safe (not toxic or poisonous). You can add marrow greens to their vegetable salad, which should have about five other safe veggies. Two cups of this vegetable salad should be enough for your four-pound bunny.

However, since they are less fibrous, make flowers a part of the treats they eat. Typically, rabbits need a tiny amount of treats that shouldn’t exceed 5% of their daily total calorific intake.


Like any other cultivated species or variety of cucurbits, they have safe levels of cucurbitacins that warranty human consumption. They will also not harm your rabbit in any way.

However, cross-pollination by another Cucurbita pepo species high in cucurbitacins may potentially make it poisonous too and have a bitter taste.

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