Chinese Water Dragon Lizard Size, Habitat, and Gender
Physignathus cocincinus, the Chinese water dragon is a lizard species that belongs to the genus Physignathus whose other names include water lizard, water dragon, green water dragon, Asian water ...
Pet Water Dragon Tank Size, Food and Care
The Chinese water dragons make good docile, charming, and adorable pets. They are not expensive to maintain and accept handling. However, while these lizards make excellent pets, they are ideal ...
Can I keep Komodo Dragon as a Pet?
The Varanus komodoensis, Komodo dragon, or monitor is the heaviest and largest lizard in the world. It belongs to the family Varanidae, i.e., the monitor family and gets its name from one fo its ...
11 Best Terrarium Hygrometers – Digital and Analog Reviews
Reptiles and amphibians need a specific temperature and humidity to thrive well. Some such as the green iguanas, chameleons, frogs, basilisk, salamanders, spiny-tailed monitor, mountain horned ...
11 Best Reptile Thermostats with Reviews
You need reptile thermostats because pet reptiles and amphibians including your bearded dragons, corn snake, leopard geckos, skinks, monitors, chameleons, tortoise, turtle, crested gecko, iguanas, ...
11 Best Reptile Thermometers for a Terrarium or Vivarium
To accurately measure and control terrarium temperature requires you to have accurate thermometers and capable thermostats. If you are first-timer, you deserve to know that many types of ...
Best Reptile Tank Screen Cover or Lid and Clips
A reptile screen cover is essential in ensuring proper ventilation and securely protecting your reptile pets from predators or escape. Should they escape, it is not easy to find them as some may ...
Best Reptile Calcium, Vitamin D3, and Multivitamin Supplements
Calcium (Ca) Reptiles, amphibians, and other pets require calcium for strong and healthy bones, including teeth as well as for other physiological functions like muscle functioning, nerve impulse ...
10 Best Terrarium and Vivarium Backgrounds + Reviews
Buying or making a terrarium background in one of the great ways to transform and add naturalistic appeal to your reptile enclosure as well as highlight its theme, including semi-arid (desert), ...
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