Rabbit Safe and Unsafe Plants and Weeds

Can rabbits eat dandelions?

Yes. Rabbits can eat dandelions, and to be specific, T. officinale or common dandelion leaves, stems, flowers, and roots (dried or fresh). Make dandelion greens part of their 5-6 leafy greens you offer where a packed cup is enough for a two-pound weighing bunny. For flowers and roots, they give them as treats. 
They are all safe, very nutritious, and have many other benefits, and your bunnies will indeed like them. Did you know they have more carotene than carrots and may help reduce coronary artery disease risk factors? Read more

Do Rabbits Eat Milkweed?

Yes. Bunnies have been observed to eat milkweed, which is a genus name for over 200 plant species in the genus Asclepias, characterized by having a milky sap, which is poisonous to some insects, humans, and some animals.
Some studies show that bunnies can willingly eat milkweed without suffering any toxicity symptoms. Read more.

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