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Avocado is a creamy or buttery fruit valued for its healthy fats, dietary fiber, vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals? Can dogs eat avocado or not? ...

The fresh buttery, creamy, nutty, or earthy taste of avocado is something many people can resist. If you love it, cultivate it or have it as a houseplant, you ...

We have all grown being reminded to eat vegetables and fruits. Perhaps back then, as young kids, we didn't comprehend or know the significance of eating ...

The necessity of carbohydrates in dog foods draws a mixed reaction, with some noting the benefits of carbs in dog foods while others are saying they are ...

Fiber may not be a physiological requirement by dogs but has many benefits from managing diarrhea or constipation to helping diabetic dogs and helping resolve ...

As strict carnivores with a short digestive system, fiber isn’t an essential dietary need for cats. Nevertheless, it plays various vital roles, such as ...

Whether cats need carbohydrates and their value is a highly debatable issue amount nutritionists and veterinarians.  Carbs have been labeled as poisons and ...

Before we look at whether cats can eat fruits or not, it is good to know that cats are strict carnivores that depend on diets high in protein, moderate in ...

Many human foods are indeed safe for dogs. What about vegetables? Are they safe and ok or these pets shouldn’t eat them? Understanding vegetables ...

Vegetables have many benefits to us and are often recommended, together with fruits. Can cats also eat vegetables, or are they harmful and unnecessary? ...

Do you often get overwhelmed by the choices of supplements available on the shelves of the pet store? We always want the best, happiest, and the longest life ...

Feline constipation is a real problem, but there are some cat foods that fortunately that can help. When it comes to feline constipation, there could be many ...

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  1. Sorry, you couldn’t get the food you wanted. Presently, not many companies have hydrolyzed cat foods and what we gave you is what is available in the market. If your kitty doesn’t have allergies, why not switch to freeze-dried cat foods?

  2. As Science Daily notes, high “fluoride exposure in animals and adults has been associated with kidney and liver toxicity.” In kidneys, in excessive amounts, flourine works as a nephrotoxin, i.e., a toxic agent to kidney that, it inhibits, destroys or damages the kidney cells and/or tissues.

    For cats already with kidney disease, their renal function is already impaired and they will have troubles excreting fluoride and its accumulation will be toxic. Instead, go for fluoride-free toothpastes for your cat such as

  3. Going by its ingredients, LC Vit has Retinol Palmitate (vit. A), cholecalciferol (vit. D3), thiamine HCI (vit. B1), riboflavin PO4 (vit. B2), nicotinamide (vit. B3) pyridoxine HCI (vit. B6), cyanocobalamin (vit. B12), ascorbic Acid (vit. C) and Lysine HCI.

    If given following the right dosages, it shouldn’t have any effects. Additionally, since it has well as vitamin D3 which may help preventing urinary crystals from forming, one of the causes of urinary infections is urinary crystals.

    We know of studies on human, i.e., a study on Association between vitamin D and urinary tract infection in children associated 25(OH)D which the form of vitamin D present in blood plasma plays a role in the pathogenesis of UTIs.

    Similarly, another study shows that “high-dose intakes of vitamin C and calcium were positively associated with urinary storage or incontinence” which are lower urinary tract symptoms.

  4. Thank you for your helpful contribution. We get content from a number of people. It takes time to fact check. We currently doing that. Ordinarily, we only retain links to authority sources and studies.

  5. Some foods low in iodine include fresh beef, veal, lamb, pork, fresh chicken, and turkey as well as fresh-water fish (such as carp, river bass, lake trout, and river perch). Avoid, avoid organ meats, seafood, egg yolks, whole eggs, any canned meats, and don’t add any salt in your recipe.

    We currently haven’t come up with specific recipes. Let your vet help you in ensuring the diets are complete and balanced nutritionally.

  6. Yes. They are harmful since they are high in refined sugars and are high in starch. See more rabbit diet and nutrition, it has details on why sugar and starch aren’t good for your rabbit.

  7. While approved for use in dog foods, the same has not been done for cat foods by the FDA. We wouldn’t recommend giving your kitties a supplement that has selenium yeast until there are studies on its safety.

  8. Thank you. To err is human!

  9. Yes. However, they shouldn’t eat raw eggs or egg shells.

  10. The average length of an adolescent Chinese water dragon is 7-14 inches from snout to tail depending on their age. On the number of crickets, it really depends on the size of crickets you offering them. They can eat 20-50 medium size crickets. A better way is to let them eat the maximum they can eat within 10-15 minutes.

  11. Thank you for the genuine feedback. I will ask the author to tone it down a little. Cheers!

  12. Both are good sources of calcium. However, if you want a source low in phosphorus, especially for cats with kidney problems, go for eggshells as they have a low amount of phosphorus.

    On the other hand, bone meal powder supplement is a good source of other nutrients besides calcium but higher in phosphorus.

    Our best advice is enlisting the help of a veterinary nutritionist to look at the ingredients you are using and ensure that your homemade diets are nutritionally balanced. There are other supplements, minerals, and vitamins these diets should have including taurine.

  13. A rabbit’s diet should have unlimited amounts of grassy such as Timothy, oats, or orchard just like you are doing. It is an important source of balanced nutrients and fiber.

    Secondly, keep high fiber pellets to 5-10% of their diet, about ¼ a cup for a rabbit weighing 2-4 pounds and in that approximate ratio. Pellets are a vital part of a rabbit’s diet and not treats. See more on pellets for rabbits

    For fresh greens, it is good to mix several varieties and keep varying these types. Give them 2 cups full of a chopped mixture per a rabbit about 4-6 pounds. Ensure you only give them safe leafy greens and vegetables. See good ones at Rabbit Food List.

    Finally, keep treats low. Rabbits should not have more than a teaspoon of all types of threats a day. Treats include commercial treats, fruits, and nonleafy veggies like carrots. Keep varying the treats too. See details on rabbit treats.

    Additional resources, Rabbit nutritional and diet.

  14. Usually, when changing to a new food, you need to do it gradually over a period of 7-14 days. Begin by adding only a small amount of new food and gradually increase it as you reduce the amount of old food.

    Secondly, just like humans, cats have preferences and this may play in as a factor when it comes to trying new food.

  15. Sorry for the typos. The word is “Lenten rose”

  16. Toxicity due to calcium oxalate raphides, allergenic lactones, alkaloids like lycorine is mild to moderate. It only becomes fatal if a very large amount of hyacinth is ingested. The 3-inch hyacinth leaf is unlikely to harm feline pal considering it didn’t ingest a lot. However, try to ensure your cat doesn’t have access to hyacinth or any other toxic plants including onions in the future.

  17. If your house is well ventilated, burning bay leaves is safe for your pets and children. Remember, it is only poisonous when eaten in very large amounts.

  18. AAFCO “recommends that cat foods have a minimum 0.08% magnesium for growth and reproduction and 0.04% for adult maintenance based on dry matter.”

    There is not much literature on the exact amounts but it shouldn’t go so high beyond these minimum levels. High levels will increase the chances of struvite urolithiasis if your feline’s urine pH goes beyond 6.4.

    The above foods have controlled magnesium, calcium, and phosphorus and consequently ash. We will be asking manufacturers on the exact amounts of magnesium their foods have.

  19. Oregano is rich in antioxidants and has various properties, including being antibacterial, anti-cancer, and antiviral. This herb may also help fight inflammation.

    However, there are no specific studies on rabbits concerning this herb expect one on ResearchGate on “Performance of rabbits and oxidative stability of muscle tissues as affected by dietary supplementation with Oregano essential oil” where the oil increases the oxidative level of tissues. This is one benefit.

  20. Like any other herb, give them a very small amount. Chop a few leaves like 2-3 and add them to their not more than 1-2 times in a week.

  21. It is ok to use bergamot in a room diffuser so long it is adequately ventilated. A safer alternative is to place the diffuser in rooms that your dogs don’t access.

  22. We have heard similar cases which we assume to be part of pica where animals eat things that are not their typical kind of food or have little or no nutritive value including cats eating paper. There are many causes of pica.

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