Are Guys with Cats Are Weird

Statistically more US millennial men have cats as pets when compared to women notes  According to, this is the same observation to the rest of the American population with 35% of men owning a kitty while only 33% have it.

Despite these statistics, there are those who consider guys or men with cats weird. This issue has divided opinions. Some feel that single men should not own kitties while there are those who do not see anything wrong with having this pet.

A common saying you will hear is “cats are for girls” and unless you are gay, you should not have them as a single man. It is creepy, weird and unmanly.

While DVM360 notes that felines prefer female than male companion and bond faster with them, this doesn’t mean men cannot own them.

are men with cats weird
Are men with cats weird

Many people consider dogs a better pet for guys. Isn’t it this all stereotyping and causing unnecessary stigma to people who love and own kitties?

Dogs vs cats owners

While dogs are more outgoing and active. Felines, on the other hand, are aloof and more independent. Most people who own these pets note that kitties are much cleverer but not everyone agrees.

As ABC News Reports, a study at the University of Texas noted that  “dog people” are more extroverted, more agreeable and more conscientious than self-described “cat people.” Those who love felines, though, were found to be less traditional, more creative and more neurotic.”

It is a fact that there are more dog owners than those own cats in the US. However, apartment urban dwellers will often choose felines or smaller dogs unlike those from suburbs who can have larger dogs.

Furthermore, most property owners accept kitties and these pets do need sitters being more independent.

Traits of a guy with a pet cat

While some people may have stigmatized you for owning a kitty, here are some things you need to know about guys who own this pet.

  • They are more responsible and committed. Owning a feline means being ready to care for it for the next up to 20 years.
  • They learn to be independent just like their kitties. Unless you get a clingy cat a needy or demanding one, most kitties are independent, so will be their owners since these pets ofted decide when they will be with you.
  • Their personality is abundant from being aloof to being affectionate to being loving or ornery. Most women will love people who can handle critters with an abundant personality.
  • They are loving. As PetMD puts it, they are “mature enough, open enough, balanced enough to make good boyfriend material. And that’s very manly indeed.”
  • They are clean since cats are also very clean animals.
  • They are smart and score higher on IQ tests

Other traits of male cat owners include not being squeamish or obnoxious about having kitties as they are comfortable with their sexuality. They easily read body language, and they will give you anything you need only when you need it, notes


While some people may not want to have felines as pets due to the stigma associated with this pet especially from their peers who know less about these pets, there is nothing wrong with having one. It is a wonderful pet.

Cats breeds like Maine coon, Lykoi, Bombay, Kurilian Bobtail, Oriental, American shorthair, Birman, the Abyssinian, Ragdoll, Persian, and so on have a great personality and will make a good pet for single men.

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