Are Strawberries Safe or Bad for Cats

Strawberries are frequently well-thought-out as some of the healthiest fruits loaded with antioxidants such as pelargonidin, ellagic acid, ellagitannins, procyanidins, among others. They good for the heart and brain’s health, help regulate blood sugar, prevent cancer, et cetera.

While munching them, your kitties may want to have some? Is it ok to give them these fruits or are they a no-no?

Can cats have strawberries?

Yes. Cats can eat strawberries. They are ok and not poisonous to cats and dogs. [1] Yet, despite being safe for your feline friends, you should give them sparingly as occasional treats. Typically, a half a strawberry is enough.

Also, while some cats will love them, others will not, this is just a fact of nature for any other carnivorous animal.

Can my cats have strawberries
Can my cats have strawberries

It is a fact they are quite nutritive and healthy to humans since besides having antioxidants, they also have various nutrients such as carbs and sugars as well as vitamins including some of vitamins B as well as vitamin C, E, and K.

Additionally, they also have several essential minerals and a small amount of protein and fats.

However, they are not the perfect kind of foods meant for felines being obligate carnivores and they should not be a source of the various nutrients these pets need because:

  • Kitties’ digestive systems cannot handle plant food sources well. Therefore, they offer very little nutritive value since their nutrients cannot be well utilized. Cats require animal food sources that are typically low in carbs, moderate in fats and high in proteins.
  • They are high in sugar which these pets do not require and it may affect diabetic felines. Furthermore, associated the high sugar with a possibility of it causing constipation.
  • Since they are high in carbs, they are not good for obese cats and may contribute to weight gain.

Feeding strawberries to your cat

You can give them fresh or frozen ones. Alternative, you can puree and sprinkle them over their food. While doing so, take these precautions:

  • Go for organic or wild strawberries which have not been sprayed with insecticides, pesticides or herbicides.
  • Wash them well to get rid of any dirt or any farm chemical remnants if they are not wild or organic.
  • Remove the stalk which often has some leaves with it and slice them to smaller pieces to make eating much easier.

Are cats allergic to strawberries

These fruits should not cause allergies. However, some kitties may show some sensitivities. In case of any, including diarrhea, vomiting, stomach problems, and other allergy signs, stop giving them to your feline friend.

What about strawberry leaves and plant?

Their leaves and plants are not poisonous to these pets. However, there is no point in giving these pets leaves or stems. They do not need them. Instead, offer the leaves and stems to herbivorous animals such as your bunny.

While many sources [2], [3] or [4] will advise you not to give these pets strawberry leaves because they are saw-toothed and they may irritate their skin, eyes or nose, this should not be a reason since you can cut them to smaller pieces if they were healthy to this pet.

We see no reasons on insisting on leaves or plant as it is not even a natural part of their diets. Instead, let them have a little grass and a few other vegetables as they naturally do.

Strawberry yogurt, ice cream or jam

Being a milk product, felines should not be given any type of yogurt since most adults cats cannot digest lactose present in all milk products.

On the other hand, strawberry ice cream is made from milk fat meaning it is also not good for these pets. Additionally, besides the flavoring, it has a lot of sugar or sweeteners which may cause gastrointestinal disturbances as well as make these pets diarrhea or vomit.

This is the same case with jam as it is too sugary. Avoid giving it to your kitties.


Strawberries are good for cats if given as an occasional snack. However,  they should not replace the recommended balanced diets even if your fluffy friend seems to like them.

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