Benefits and Best Oats and Wheatgrass for Cats

Grasses like wheatgrass and oats aren’t just for your rabbits or guinea pigs, dogs and cats eat them too. Why and whether cats or even dogs like oat and wheatgrass or not is unclear. However, they have benefits, reasons why you need to provide them to your kitties.

Why do cats eat grass?

While veterinarian and animal behaviorists are uncertain why kitties nibble plants, including grasses, they note it’s a normal behavior unless they eat to keep a lot of eating grass all the time.

Some of the speculated reasons for grass-eating include to induce vomiting, help moving things in their stomach (laxative properties in case of indigestion), or help purge intestinal parasites. Others say note it is due to nutritional deficiencies, boredom, anxiety, feline pica, an instinctive nature, they love the taste and texture, among other reasons.

See more details on why cats eat grass. We also have something about why dogs and puppies eat grass and other plants.

Do cats like wheat and oat grass?

Wheatgrass and oats are among the best cat grass to buy, others being rye and barley. Some people include flax and alfalfa in plants they offer to their felines. You can also consider a few herbs and veggies.

While we cannot say with 100% confidence that cats like oats and wheatgrass, they do enjoy eating them. Just place a pot full and see them go crazy.


While looking at benefits, it is good not to associate human benefits to cat benefits since kitties are strick carnivore with a different digestive system and dietary needs.

For instance, humans use wheatgrass as a dietary supplement drink (juice) or food. It is a source of nutrients, may help boost stamina and vitality, cleanse organs, reduce inflammations (anti-inflammatory), support digestion, fight some cancer, and minimize body odor and bad breath. We are not sure if it will benefit cats in similar ways.

Wheatgrass refers to the freshly sprouted wheat plants (Triticum aestivum). It is rich in amino acids, minerals, vitamins including folic acid, chlorophyll (blood booster and body cleanser), and enzymes, antioxidants, fiber, and doesn’t have gluten. It is the widely available pet grass.

On the other hand, the sweeter tasting oat grass (Avena sativa) also nutrient-rich, has enzymes, antioxidants like tricin, folic acid, vitamin C and K, B vitamins, fiber, minerals and so on.

Your felines may benefit from the various nutrients. For instance, folic acid helps in manufacture or hemoglobin vital for oxygen transport, and a deficiency may lead to anemia. On the other hand, while fiber will help break hairballs, promote food flow in intestines, and make their breath safe and so on.

Furthermore, having these two kinds of grass will ensure your felines don’t eat other toxic house plants like aloe vera, daisies, daffodil, ivies, azalea, amaryllis, lilies, begonia, bird of paradise, chrysanthemums, among others.

Finally, if you don’t provide them with safe plants while grazing at your lawn, they may eat those sprayed with harmful chemicals like pesticides or herbicides, grown with toxic fertilizers. To make matters worse, they may end up ingesting intestinal parasites like worms that will make them sick.

Best cat wheatgrass and oat grass kits

If you want to grow cereal plants for your cats, there are dozens of vendors who sell complete peg grass kits. Most of these kits have organic and non-GMO seeds, organic soil, or hydroponic growing media like all-natural vermiculite, coconut coir as well as planters, grow bags, or growing containers (wooden, ceramic, plastic and so on).

You can buy a complete kit with planter, seeds, and soil, refill (seeds and soil) or buy only seeds. Our top five choices are:

1. Window Garden Pop Up Cat Grass Kit – 3 Pack

Window Garden Pop up Cat Grass kit comes with organic and non-GMO wheat seeds, all-natural and renewable coconut coir, and a leak-proof pop-up growing bag.

It will take a small space, goes for less than 12 dollars for a three-pack set, and won’t leave any mess behind.

Window Garden Pop Up Cat Grass Kit – 3 Pack

2. SmartyKat Sweet Greens Cat Grass Kit

SmartyKat Sweet Greens Kit is an all-in-one kit comes with a potting container, enough organically certified oat seeds free of any chemicals including herbicides and pesticides, and organic soil.

Please don’t break your bank trying to get pet grass, this kit costs less than $3, and the manufacturers are happy to replace or refund you if you are unhappy with it.

SmartyKat Sweet Greens Cat Grass Seed Kit

3. Reclaimed Barnwood Style Planter Wheatgrass Kit

If you need a more stylish kit that will add charm to your perfect interior décor, the Reclaimed Barnwood Style Planter Kit from Handy Pantry will be an excellent choice. It comes with enough OTCO Organic wheatgrass seeds and three minute soil pucks to serve three plantings.

Also, you can use this grower’s kit as a centerpiece during special events, thanks to the rustic, red cedar wood with a non-toxic, Clark’s Food Safe cutting board wax finish.

Reclaimed Barnwood Style Planter Wheatgrass Kit - Aged Brown - Grow Wheat Grass - for Pet Dog Cat Grass

4. Imperial Cat Easy Grow Greens Natural Oat Grass Kit

Imperial Cat Easy Grow Kit comes with a tub (growing container), peat moss, and fast sprouting organic oat seeds grown, harvested and packaged minus any pesticides. All you need is water, and your cats will have a sweet-tasting delicious oat grass snack.

Imperial Cat Easy Grow Greens Natural Oat Grass Kit

5. Miracle Care Cat-A’bout Cat Grass plus Tub (formerly Gimborn)

Miracle Care Cat-A’bout gives you a choice of going for the multi-cat tub or a smaller planter each. Each of these growers come with either wheatgrass or oats Non-GMO, and OTCO Certified Organic seeds, vermiculite, and Plantagel, a 100% safe water-absorbing agent.

You will only need to water it once when you plant the seeds, and it is very affordable with the multi-cat tub planter kit going for not more than $4.

Cat-About by MiracleCorp Gimborn Single Cat Grass Plu

How to grow wheatgrass or oat grass for your cats

Most pet grass kits come with concise instructions on how to grow the grasses. If you didn’t receive them, here is how to grow them and care tips. 

  1. Add soil to the planter and dampen it

    Fill your growing container with soil, three-quarter way, or leave about 1-2 inches space from above and dampen it by sprinkling some water. Please don’t make it so wet.

  2. Plant your seeds and spritz some water

    Scatter your seeds, add about a quarter an inch of soil to cover the seeds and spritz water again to dampen them.

  3. Cover the planter and continue watering

    Cover your seeds loosely with a plant saucer or plastic bag to keep the soil moist and place it in a dark place with temperatures of about 70ºF to speed up germination. Continue spritzing water to prevent the topsoil from drying, but don’t overwater.

  4. Reduce watering and allow access to sunshine

    When they begin sprouting after three days to a week, reduce the amount of water and remove the cover when they are an inch long. You can start taking them to sunlight as you continue watering them.

  5. Offer to your cat once 4-inch long

    Once they are four inches long, typically about two weeks or less, offer them to your cats. Let them eat directly from the pot or growing container. Just place it at their favorite spot. During this time, ensure you water and allow them to access sunlight.

  6. Replace when the grass begins to change color

    If necessary, you can trim the grass to encourage growth, and when it begins to change color or become rough and tough, remove it and bring it a fresh batch.

You can also grow oat or wheatgrass outdoors. All you need is to prepare a place to plant them, digging out any plants or weeds and follow the same steps as the above steps.

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