Boric Acid for Cat Fleas

Boric acid, otherwise known as hydrogen borate, boracic acid or acidum boricum among other names is a weak boron acid with several applications or uses including antiseptics and insecticide.

Naturally, it exists as colorless crystals or in form of white powder, but it can also be in granulated, pelleted or in tablet form.

Will it kill fleas?

Yes. Boric acid kills fleas and other insects. Whereas it kills cockroaches, termites, and ants by eroding their exoskeletons or working as a stomach poison, it kills flea, especially their larvae on carpet or grounds as ingesting it while looking for food.

Unfortunately, mature fleas feed on blood alone and they will not ingest boracic acid. Therefore, this treatment should be used together with other treatments for the best results and not alone.

Is boric acid for fleas safe for cats? Yes. We already addressed the issue of whether boracic acid is safe for cats or toxic where we noted that if you use an EPA-registered product and follow use instruction, it will be safe for your pets and human beings.

Otherwise, if ingested in large amounts, it is toxic especially to smaller pets such as cats, dogs, hamsters, rabbits, and so on.

How should I use boric acid to kill fleas in cats?

To guarantee safety of your pets and ensure effective results, avoid home preparation and go for an EPA-approved brand.

Boric acid for cat fleas
Boric acid for cat fleas

Homemade preparations do not have user instructions and you might use excessive amounts increasing chances of it harming your pets.

To use it, simply apply it onto crevices, cracks, carpet or furniture if the manufacturer instructs you to do so and let them stay in place for some time, usually a day to two.

Using this product outdoor may not be effective since in case of rainfall or it gets wet, it will not be effective.

Is this the best flea treatment in cats?

The use of this product is neither cheap nor can it be used to control fleas alone. Therefore, it can only be an integral part of a control program. There are other great products that can be used.

However, always avoid those with pyrethrins, selamectin, pyrethroids, tetrachlorvinphos as they are potentially hazardous to you or your cat.

Some of the good treatments include Frontline Plus and Sentry Fiproguard Plus (monthly treatments), Sentry Capguard, Bayer Advantage Feat Tick and Lice Treatment Spray for Cats, Advantage II, Novartis Capstar tablets, Vet’s Best Yard & Kennel Spray, as well as flea shampoos, collars and so on.

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