Can Cats Eat Cabbage?

Cabbage is a term used to refer to various Brassica oleracea cultivars including the savoy, spring greens, red or purple, white and green cultivar. All these Brassica oleracea cultivars are characterized by a head that has dense leaves.

Nutritionally, it has carbohydrates including sugars and dietary fibers, vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6m B9, C and K as well as some minerals and some small amount of proteins.

Finally, this nutritious vegetable can be eaten raw, boiled, steamed, stuffed, sautéed or roasted and it is a common accompaniment during St. Patrick’s Day together with corned beef and carrots.

Is cabbage ok for cats
Is cabbage ok for cats?

Can my kitties have cabbage?

Yes. Cats can eat cabbage but only in small quantities like a treat just like other cat-safe vegetables.

However, avoid raw cabbage since it has “anion known as thiocyanate, which can impair thyroid function,” notes Catster. Fortunately, it is unlikely that these pets will want to eat this vegetable while it is still raw.

While it may seem nutritious to us and herbivores, kitties are obligate carnivores or meat-eaters whose bulk of their diet should be high in proteins, have moderate amounts of fats and small amounts of carbohydrates.

It is normal for these pets to only eat a few plants and grass. However, such foods are not a significant part of their diet as they do not have the nutrients that these pets require.

Furthermore, they are not able to effectively utilize the nutrients that most vegetables as their digestive systems are short and not adapted to handle such foods.

Giving excessive amounts of foods such as cabbage to your pet may result in stomach upsets and diarrhea owing to their sensitive digestive system.

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