Can Cats Have Prawns or Not?

Prawns are delicious delicacy you will find in many places around the globe. These crustaceans can be live fresh or saltwater. However, unlike shrimps, most of their species are found in fresh warm water.

Are they nutritious?

Yes. They are often regarded as some of the healthiest seafood because of the following reasons:

  • They are a good source of high-quality protein with low fats. They are also high in omega-3 fatty acids as well as antioxidants.
  • Some of the minerals they have include calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, zinc, sodium, iron, copper and selenium.
  • They have vitamin A and E, vitamin B1, niacin and B12.

Your feline pal needs all the above nutrients as they play various roles in their body most of which will result in deficiency symptoms if they are not given in required amounts.

Can cats eat prawns?
Can cats eat prawns?

Can I give my cats prawns?

The answer is Yes. They can have them. Although prawns and other seafood including fish such as tuna, salmon, mackerel, tilapia, sardines or shrimp are an animal source of protein, they are not a natural part of cats. However, kitties like them and they are safe for them.

However, they shouldn’t substitute a feline’s normal diet as they nutritionally lack some essential nutrients these pets require for optimum health.

Therefore, only give prawns to your cat as a treat or a small part of their diet occasionally. They are going to benefit from the omega-3 fatty acids, proteins, minerals, and vitamins that these crustaceans have.

Alternatively, go for commercial cat foods with these crustaceans with Fussie Cat Premium Tuna Formula with prawns being the best brand you can buy. There are a few more brands we will mention later.

Raw or cooked prawns?

As strict carnivores, cats will like raw prawns, and they will find them quite delicious. They will not harmful and do not assume these pets will ignore them.

Nevertheless, there is a genuine concern of raw seafood, most of them have parasites and harbor various germs including bacteria.

Therefore, it is recommended that you cook them thoroughly to kill any parasites or germs before serving them to your fluffy friend. Also, do not add salt, tomato source, onions, garlic or any other additive as some are not healthy for your kitties.

While preparing them, you can remove their tail and shell or leave them intact. However, remove their vein. Some sources recommend you remove the shell.

Finally, if you go for the ‘ready to eat’ or packages ones including canned prawns, only give them to your feline pal if they are unsalted and do not contain any harmful ingredient or preservatives.

Can kittens eat prawns?

If they have been fully weaned, a small piece as a snack is ok so long as they are not allergic to them. However, remember to stick to their diets as they are designed to meet the various nutritional requirements they have since they are growing.

Cat foods with this seafood

If you are looking for a healthy source of prawns for cats, consider going for the various food brands that have them. These foods are designed for felines and are nutritionally balanced. Try brands such as:

  • Applaws Tuna Fillet Canned
  • Sheba Delux Wet Cat Food has a brand that has them.
  • Health Extension Grain-Free Tuna & Prawns Recipe Canned Cat Food
  • Whiskas Wet Cat Food, Tuna, Cod, Prawn & Salmon for Adult Cats


Throw them away if they have expired ones, monitor for any allergies, and if your cats have any health conditions including renal failure, heart problems, urinary problems, and so on, consult your vet first.

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