Can Cats See Ghosts or Spirits of Dead People?

Ghosts are dead people’s spirt which some people believe are visible to some living people. Various cultures around the world have different depictions of what these spirits are with more than 43% of American believing they exist, the Harris Poll 2013.

Whether they exist or not is something people have different opinions on, with science doubting their existence while religions and folklores believe they exist.

Do cats see ghosts?

Your cat or kitten may have been sitting peacefully on your reading table, near the window or on your bed.

Do cats see spirits or demons
Do cats see spirits or demons?

Suddenly,  he or she may start exhibiting bizarre behavior such as staring frantically at the ceiling, an empty space or a blank wall while acting weirdly. For instance, your kitty may yowl, hiss or behave as if she is trying to chase something away like a bird or a lizard. Some cats may run and hide under your bed.

Awed by this behavior, you will begin to scrutinize the places that your fluffy friend was looking while acting weirdly. To your surprise, there is absolutely nothing.

Gripped with by fear and terror, it is possible to wonder whether your cat saw something you are not able to see. Was there a ghost or spirit? Why behave in such a strange way? What caused the interest or fear?

If you have had such an experience, let us look at a few things about cats before we give you our opinion on whether cats see ghosts or demons.

1. How is their vision

Felines have a field view that is about 200 degrees (ours is 180 degrees) with a better night vision and can see quick movements since their rod cells refresh faster.

Additionally, “unlike humans, many animals see in ultraviolet, and a study now suggests that cats, dogs, and other mammals can, too,” as Live Science notes.

This means that they may be able to see things we cannot. Since their vision is enhanced and very sharp, perhaps there is a bug on your wall or ceiling which you may not be able to see well. It could be what is making your feline follow it with its eyes.

2. How well do they hear?

Whereas their vision is enhanced, felines cannot see things that are so far or those that are very near or outside their field of view center, such things will appear blurry.

To compensate for this, since they are hunters by nature, they have a superior sense of hearing and smell. This assists them in hunting.

Kitties can pick even very subtle sounds which our ears may not detect. Also, they can hear noises at a higher frequency than us.

Therefore, there is a huge possibility of them hearing a sound of something on top of your ceiling, outside walls or flying outside near your house, and so on. This may make them stare at where the sound is coming from, follow it, and so on.

Furthermore, while we may assume that they are staring at something, maybe they are trying to identify the sound they have heard. These pets can accurately detect where sounds are coming from or even hear a rat walking 10 meters in a nearby bush.

Is it true cats can see ghosts?

Looking at Yahoo Answers on the issue of cats and ghosts, you will get people affirming that their cats see ghosts or cats can see ghosts better than human beings or ghosts are afraid of these pets.

If you search on the internet, there are resources even telling you what to do when your cat sees a ghost or how it behaves, and a lot more.

However, from the above discussion, you may have noted that these pets have a better hearing and a heightened sense vision. They can hear higher-pitched sounds and perhaps they have other abilities that have not been well studied.

Although their strange behavior may make some people conclude that they are seeing demons or spirits of dead people, this has all to do with their ability to hear, smell and see better.

Therefore, no, cats cannot see demons and their behavior has nothing to do with these spirits. Do ghosts even exist? Some people say they have lived in haunted houses with these spirits.

I am skeptical about their existence. Perhaps, I need to ask ghostbusters to confirm if they have spotted some lately.

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