Cat Winking – Why and What Does It Mean?

Like human beings do when they are greeting, signaling, joking or trying to make something a secret, a cat blinking one eye or winking has some meanings.

Usually, it happens when your kitty slowly partially closing one eye before she opens it again. It could be the left or right eye. However, it can also happen quickly depending on the reasons why it happened.

Why do cats wink?

There are two main reasons why this may happen. The first one is a means of communicating or their body language. These pets have many other ways to send messages or talk using their body, especially with their tail, ears, body posture, and eyes. We will look at it in detail later.

Secondly, it can be a sign of an eye infection. You will also notice other symptoms such as ocular discharge (clear, to yellow to green), nictitating membrane protrusion, eye rubbing, inflammation, redness, and so on.

Why does my cat wink at me?
Why does my cat wink at me?

Furthermore, depending on the cause, sneezing, nasal discharge especially in the case of an upper respiratory infection may be noted. Also, pinkeye, corneal disorders, uveitis, allergies, or the presence of a foreign body may be a reason for the winking of the affected eye.

In case of infections, you need to talk to take your feline friend to your veterinarian for diagnosis and further treatment. Avoid any home remedies unless you know the cause and your vet has given you a go-ahead.

What does it mean when a cat winks at you?

If a cat winks at you and it does not have any problem with its eye, it does not mean she is sleepy and struggling to be awake.

You need to be happy about it since your feline friend is telling you ‘I trust you’, ‘I am happy and relaxed’, and other trust and contentment messages. In case a kitty does not trust you, they will often look at you without blinking as a means of being cautious and watching your next move.

Therefore, in return, while very relaxed, you can do the same or blink both your eyes. Avoid staring at your feline friend or looking surprised as it may make her feel threatened.

Finally, the winking can happen from one cat to another. The message is the same and it often expresses affection and trust.


You now know why felines wink at you and what to do in return. If your feline friend continuously blinks on the eye, there might be a problem with it and you need to see your vet.

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