Do Cats Burp and How to Burp a Kitten

Burping or belching is the act of releasing gas from the stomach via the mouth that often happens noisily.

After swallowing a lot of gas while talking, eating, taking carbonated beverages, and so on humans may release the air noisily after sometimes. Some animals such as rabbits are known not to be able to belch. What about cats?

Can cats burp

Whether cats burp or not is something many pet lovers and veterinarians do not agree upon. There are those who agree and say they have ever heard their cats burp while some veterinarians and professionals note that is rare and they have never heard it happen.

1. Those who agree

Those who agree often point out at the belching sound and the stinky gas they have noted especially after their felines have eaten. Some have even noted their kitties farting. However, the stinky gas may be due to bath breath in kitties.

Do cats burp
Do cats burp?

For instance, as Petful notes “my cat is healthy and I know she just ate, so the sound and smell are obviously a burp, right? Cat owners all over the web agree and discuss their funny and stinky stories about all sorts of emitted sounds and smell their furry friends make.”

This is the same opinion presented by The Nest as they say the “cat eats very quickly, the amount of gas ingested increases. This excess air enters the digestive tract and stomach, resulting in belching soon after eating.”

A theory given on how it occurs is that as felines are eating quickly, purring, drinking, sleeping or playing they may swallow a lot of gas. This gas can either go down the digestive system or up and release it through the mouth. It is something you may barely notice as it may happen quietly.

Finally, as we will see later while feeding your kittens, it is recommended you help them burp. This is an indicator that these pets can.

2. Those who disagree

Several veterinarians and experts note that the occurrence is very rare, and they have never noticed it, and it is not one of the reported medical problems.

For instance, according to PetMD, these words of Dr. Ann Hohenhaus, a staff doctor at NYC’s Animal Medical Center, seems to support the fact that it is rare. She says, “I swear I’ve heard my cats burp, but the lack of information out there indicates that if cats do burp, it’s not very important to their overall health.”

Similar sentiments have been shared by several other veterinarians. However, having never heard a kitty belch may not mean they do not do so.

Most vets associate the retching that might be confused with a belch during fur regurgitation attempts, allergies, esophagitis symptoms (esophagus inflammation) and in case there is swallowed air, your cat will vomit, i.e., the air will come out with some food.

Also, respiratory noises asthma and other nasal problems including muted coughs may be confused for burps and if they are severe, you need to see your vet.

Finally, gurgling tummy noises due to hairballs, gastrointestinal obstruction, inflammatory bowel disease, parasites, GI cancers may be confused for belching noises.

My cat burping a lot

If your cat burps a lot after eating, consider buying slow cat feeders and giving each kitty their feeding bowl to reduce competition while eating. Also, check on diets and avoid milk as it has lactose, fruits may make your feline gassy, go for foods with high quality and digestible proteins or hypoallergenic diets.

In case they are persistent, there could underlying problems causing it. Consider visiting your vet for further diagnosis.

How to burp a kitten?

As they are feeding, kittens, including newborn ones may swallow a lot of air which can result in an excessive gas build-up in kittens’ stomach which besides causing gastrointestinal discomfort can even kill them.

Therefore, you are required to get rid of it by burping your kittens every time after feeding them unless you are using tubes to feed them.

How do you do it? There are two ways.

  • The first method is to “hold the kitten upright with its tummy against your shoulder and pat it gently, but firmly on its back until it burps,” notes Carol’s Ferals.
  • The second method placing the palm of your hand underneath kitten’s stomach and patting him gently on the back until you feel or hear him or her belch.

In case you don’t and there are not symptoms of stomach disturbances, you need not worry since they might not be having some gas in their stomach.

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