6 Best Lime Sulfur Dip for Cats, Use Instructions and Side Effects

Lime sulfur dip is one of the treatments for mange, ringworm, and other non-specific dermatoses as well as parasites such as mites (including Demodex gatoi), lice and others in cats, dogs, horses, puppies, and kittens.

This dip solution smells like rotten eggs and it is made up of 97.8% lime sulfur solution (sulfurated lime solution) and 2.2% inert ingredients.

It is intended for topical use only especially if your pet is responsive to lime sulfur or in cases where ivermectin is not recommended.

Finally, this leave-in treatment is easy to use, effective and safe with minimal to no side effects and it will prevent the spread of the various parasites or fungi.

Lime sulfur dip instructions for cats

Before using it, consider the general health status and age of your feline friends. This treatment should be avoided if your cat:

  • Was recently neutered or spayed. If neutered, wait for at least 7 days and if spayed, wait for at least 14 days before using it.
  • Has open wounds as it will cause irritation. In case of ear or eye infections (including a bacterial one), consult your vet first.
How to use lime sulfur dip
How to use lime sulfur dip

Furthermore, avoid using ophthalmic lubrication ointment to protect your cat’s eyes since in case this solution gets into their eyes, it will be difficult to remove it.

Finally, it is a good practice to shampoo your animals before using it since you are not supposed to do so after the treatment.

Here is how to use lime sulfur dip on cats

You will need rubber gloves, a well-ventilated space, a large bucket, safety glasses, a sponge or rag, a heating source (for kittens) and a collar (if necessary).

To use it, follow these steps.

  • Wear gloves, protective clothing, and safety glasses.
  • Dilute your lime sulfur dip by adding 4 oz. to 1 gallon of warm water (or as per instructions are given) in a bucket large enough depending on the size of your cat and mix it well.
  • Scruff your cat and partially immerse him or her into the diluted solution and continue pouring it on his or her coat ensuring it soaks or wets your cat’s fur well up to the skin except for the face and ear areas.
  • For the face and ears, applying it using a small sponge or rag to ensure it does not reach its eye, nose or mucous membrane.
  • Do not rinse your cat or use a blow-dry
  • Use the Elizabethan collar to prevent this pet from licking itself and hence ingestion it as it may cause oral ulcers.
  • Repeat this exercise every 5-7 days or as advised by your vet.

Things to note

  • Avoid immersing old cats with some mobility problems as well as aggressive ones. Instead, carefully apply it using a sponge or spray them.
  • Do not prewet your felines and avoid dipping or immersing pregnant queens as it stresses them.
  • Use this dip on nursing queens whose kitten are at least four weeks old and once they dry, wipe their mammary glands before allowing them to continue lactating.
  • Although it is safe for kittens, consult your vet and consider spot treatment if they weigh below 1.5 pounds. Afterward, keep them warm using warming blocks or heating lamps. Also, ensure you prevent them from licking their skin while it is still wet.
  • Avoid putting the solution on direct sunlight as it can be deactivated.
  • Since it stresses some cats, instead of dipping your cat into the solution, you can also use a sponge or a garden spray while applying it. If you are using a garden spray, keep it close to their coat.
  • Finally, while using it, remember it will stain your pet, jewelry, or any porous surface.

Lime sulfur dip for cats side effects

This product is safe if used correctly. There might be mild skin irritation or tinge as well as a temporary coat discoloration which while fade away as your feline friend dries. Its strong odor will also fade away as your pet dries.

In case of skin irritation or it gets into your pet’s eye, stops further treatment, rinses it off and calls your vet immediately.

Best line sulfur brands and where to buy them

If you are looking for it, some of the popular brands include the following. They will not let you down.

1. Revival Animal Health Vet Basics Lime Sulfur Dip

Vet Basics should be your first choice as is very effective in treating mange, lice, ringworms, non-specific dermatoses, among other related conditions. Besides being antiparasitic, its antimicrobial properties will ensure no fungi or bacteria are spared.

While it has the nasty rotten egg smell, you need it as it is easy to use and very safe for not only your feline friend but also puppies, dogs, kittens and horses. Price begins from 18.90 per 16 oz.

Revival Animal Health Vet Basics Lime Sulfur Dip

2. VetWELL Lime Sulfur Dip for Dogs, Cats & Horses

The other excellent brand that will equally serve you well is the VetWELL brand. It will work against not only mange but ringworms known to make your cat, horses, dog to itch, or suffer from skin irritations, including mites. Additionally, it will help fight against microbial like bacteria.

Like any other veterinarian grade, expect strong odor, and if you need one gallon of the sulfur dip solution, 4 ounces is enough.

VetWELL Lime Sulfur Dip for Dogs, Cats & Horses

3. Dechra LimePlus Dip for Dogs, Cats & Horses

Dechra LimePlus is another choice you should buy. It will fight against parasitic skin problems as well as fungi in your cats, kittens, puppies, dogs, and horses. Being keratolytic, keratoplastic, antiparasitic, and antipuritic expect it to resolve all these issues. No more itching and skin irritation due to various skin parasites.

Sarcoptic and demoded mange will be a thing of the past if you invest in this brand that is also very effective against dermatophytosis.

Dechra LimePlus Dip for Dogs, Cats & Horses

4. Vétoquinol 411512 Lime Sulfur Dip

Vétoquinol is a household name not just in the lime sulfur dip but also in many other animal and pet products, including toothpaste, oral hairball lubricant, shampoos, curumene, Lysine, among many other products.

This 97.8% concentrated lime sulfur will deal with parasites and non-specific dermatoses not only in your cats but also kittens, puppies, and dogs responsive to lime sulfur.

Vétoquinol 411512 Lime Sulfur Dip

Ensure you dilute it and reapply it after five days to a week or as directed by your veterinarian.

5. Classic’s Lime Sulfur Dip – Pet Care and Veterinary Treatment

If you happen to find the Classic’s Lime Sulfur Dip – Pet Care and Veterinary Treatment, it will still help you manage ringworms, lice, mange, fleas, and their effects like dry and itchy skin.

While it has a potent formulation that needs dilution, it is safe for your dogs, cats, kitten, puppies, and horses.

Finally, besides sulfur, this brand has calcium, and for a gallon of the dip, buy a 4 oz.

Classic's Lime Sulfur Dip - Pet Care and Veterinary Treatment

6. Vet Solutions Lime Sulfur Dip 16 Oz.

Last but not least, we have this brand by Davis. It is not, by any means inferior and will work like any other brand we have seen.

Vet Solutions Lime Sulfur Dip 16 Oz.

Besides Amazon.com, you can find them on your local pet store or online stores including Walmart, PetSmart, Petco, Amazon.com, Chewy, among others.

People in the UK can also get it at Amazon.co.uk, eBay.co.uk or any of the online stores.


In the case of demodicosis in dogs and puppies, consider going for the Amitraz (Mitaban®) as it is quite effective.

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