Can Dogs Eat Bay Leaves or Are They Poisonous?

Bay leaves do not just refer to the Laurus nobilis culinary herbs also known as bay laurel, bay tree, sweet bay, true laurel, laurel or Grecian laurel but also to the California, Indonesian, Indian, Mexican and West Indian bay leaf.

This herb’s whole fresh leaf has a bitter or sharp pungent taste while if you dry it, its aroma and taste is floral, and it closely resembles that of oregano.

Finally, this herb is used in garnishing dishes as well as in various types of cooking including in soups, sauces, meat, stews, rice dishes, among many others while fresh or after being dried and ground.

Can dogs eat bay leaves?
Can dogs eat bay leaves?

Are they poisonous to dogs?

Yes, they are poisonous, i.e., bay laurel leaves are “toxic to dogs, toxic to cats, and toxic to horses” notes ASPCA. Why are they poisonous? The answer is simple. It is because these plant’s leaves have not only eugenol but also other toxic essential oils.

[jnews_element_socialiconwrapper style=”square”]This is the same case of the species of plants where the bay leaf is obtained from common in various parts of the world since they also have various essential oils and eugenol.

While the Mountain and Cherry laurel share the name ‘laurel’, these two plants are ornamental plants and not used for culinary purposes. Additionally, they are also harmful to dogs including their berries if eaten in large quantities.

My dog ate bay leaf what will happen?

If your dog eats these culinary herb’s leaf, expect symptoms such as diarrhea, lethargy, vomiting, depression, among others. Also, if this pet consumed a large quantity of leaves, they can cause GI tract blockages.

Gastrointestinal tract blockages occur since this herb’s leaves are very tough and fibrous. Also, their sharp edges may also damage the GI tract.

The exact mechanism of toxicity of eugenol and some essential oils that this herb has on dogs have not been well studied. However, it is believed that they cause damage to liver cells and their surrounding tissues as they are being filtered through the liver. Remember these pets do not have enzymes to metabolize eugenol and some essential oils.


Since bay leaf poisonous dogs, avoid giving it to your canine friend. Also, if you cultivate it in your backyard garden or in pots, ensure you limit access to avoid this pet eating it.

In case your pooch eats it, look out of the various symptoms we have mentioned and inform your veterinary for diagnosis and treatment.

Finally, there is little information on the safety of laurel berries to dogs. Therefore, to be on the safe side, do not allow your pooch too much them.

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  1. I dont believe this post. When my dog is vomitting they actually eat leaves. My cat gave my dog a leaves to eat. The moment my dog eats it he became energetic more than ever.

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