My Dog Is Eating June Bugs – Are They Bad or Poisonous?


June beetles or bugs refer to several of beetle species that belong to genus Phyllophaga. They are reddish-brown or black in color, active at night (nocturnal), do not bite (non-aggressive), and are attracted to a light source during the night. 

Some of the common examples include European Chafer, Japanese, Figeater, Ten-lined, and the green June beetle. Sometimes they are also referred to as May beetles and most of them are large in size (0.47 to 1.38 inches), clumsy fliers, eat plants and appear during summer. 

With a short description and the accompanying image, you have an idea of what these insects are. Let us not focus on whether your canine friend can munch them or not and if they are harmful or not.

Can dogs eat June bugs
Can dogs eat June bugs?

Can dogs eat June bugs?

Yes. Dogs can eat June bugs. These beetles are not poisonous, do not bite and will not sting these pets. Therefore, if you notice your dog or cat hunting for them, do not be worried. They are part of their crunchy snacks that will provide them with some extra proteins and other nutrients. 

Although they often go for larger prey, it is normal for these animals to hunt for and eat various bugs including grasshoppers, termites, crickets, flies, moths, stink bugs, among other invertebrates. 

Are June bugs bad for dogs

However, whereas the June beetles are not poisonous to dogs, this animal should not eat too many of them since if “a large number are ingested they can cause stomach upset, vomiting and diarrhea.” [1]

Furthermore, eating too many of these insects “can cause intestinal blockage because their shells aren’t digestible.” [2] Therefore, ensure they do not eat soo many of them. 

Also, try to discourage your dog from eating various bugs even if they are safe. This is because some of them could be vectors for various diseases or could be carrying infective stages of various parasites including worms. 

Finally, they can potentially be harmful if they have been sprayed or soaked with insecticides. Some homeowners may use insecticides to control them. DDT, Lindane, and Chlordane are among the common ingredients in such insecticides. These ingredients are poisonous to pooches and felines and if they eat bugs having them, they can be harmful. 


If your dog ate these insects, and it shows some stomach disturbance signs, diarrhea or it is vomiting, you should consider talking to your vet for further examination. 

However, ordinarily, a few of these insects are totally harmless and you do not have to be worried at all. They are not poisonous. 

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