Can Rabbits Eat Figs and Their Leaves?

What are figs

Ficus carica is a flowering plant commonly known as fig whose fruits are called figs. This ancient plant is native to western Asia and the Middle East. However, it is grown both as an ornamental plant or for its fruits throughout the world.

Nutritionally, its fruits have carbohydrates, small amounts of fats and proteins, as well as vitamins including B complex, C, K. It also packed with minerals such as calcium, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, zinc and sodium.

Should I let my bunny eat this tree and its fruits?

Nutritionally, it has most of the important nutrients that a rabbit requires but that does not make it be safe for bunnies. Is this plant that which is part of the Mulberry family safe?

Can bunnies eat figs
Can bunnies eat figs?

We do not recommend giving our bunnies fig fruits. This fruit has about 16.26g of sugar per 100g making it a potentially harmful fruit. It is not poisonous or toxic, but the high amount of sugars may harm your furry friend.

Rabbits depend on foods that have low energy (fewer calories) and a high amount of fiber. As hindgut fermenters, their digestive system is not able to deal with high amounts of sugars.

For instance, the much sugar in the fruit my cause a shift in the cecum flora promoting the bad bacteria leading to cecal dysbiosis that may be accompanied with diarrhea. Furthermore, do not rule out possibilities of enteritis, GI stasis, and other gastrointestinal problems once the hindgut flora falls out of balance.

Secondly, there are chances that your bunny may become obese if given this fruit regularly, assuming it can handle the excess amount sugar, something that does not happen.

Therefore, avoid giving your rabbits these fruits. Although they will love it being sweet, they are not the best fruits to give your fluffy friends.

Bunnies have a tooth for sweet things, just like human beings and this is the reasons why they may like these fruits.

Can rabbits eat fig leaves (plant)

Unlike the fruit, the fig leaves or plants are safe for rabbits.[1] You can give your bunnies these leaves. They are not harmful or toxic.

However, note that there are other branches and leaves including the pea, apple, raspberries, roses bushes, blackberries, among others are also safe and bunnies prefer them.

If you want to feed your bunny with these plant or leaves, you should do so as you do with to other leafy greens. A cup full of chopped 5-6 different leafy greens should be fed to a rabbit that weighs 2 pounds. One of these leafy greens can be fig leaves.

Also, ensure you know how to introduce a new food to your bunnies. Ensure it is free of any agricultural chemicals and it is fresh. Begin with small amounts as you watch for any signs of gastrointestinal disturbances such as gas, bloating or a soft stool (diarrhea).

Do this gradually until your furry friend adapts to the new food. However, do not forget to provide the recommended diet, in its right proportions.

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