Can Rabbits Eat Frisée?

Frisée, curly endive, chicorée frisée (French) or chicory (US) the bitter variety of endive, Cichorium endivia, i.e., var. crispum with narrow, outer curly green leaves. 

Can rabbits have frisée?

Yes. Rabbits can eat frisée in moderation. Make it one of the leafy vegetables that your rabbit has in their diet. It will add a new taste, texture, and offer variety, something that will keep your furry friends interested. The bitter and nutty flavor won’t deter your bunnies.

Can rabbits eat frisee
Can rabbits eat frisee

Nutritionally, this low-calorie veggie has vitamins A, C, and K, folate, and manganese. All Vitamin A will support eyesight, vitamin K bones, and a healthy heart, while vitamin C will boost immunity.

Do it right

Diarrhea, gas, bloating, and other tummy issues are a common complaint by many people report in their rabbits, especially when they are offering new food. Stomach problems may happen if you offer them too much or introduce any new food too quickly. It doesn’t mean that the food is bad or harmful.

Ensure you make frisée the only new food you are introducing and do it slowly. Also, make it a part of the packed cup of 5-6 veggies you give your two-pound bunny.

Finally, don’t forget that molded veggies are not suitable for your rabbit and don’t cook it as this degrades its texture, fiber content and makes it less appealing.

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