Can Rabbits Eat Marjoram?

Rabbits can eat marjoram (Origanum majorana), a perennial herb with a mild taste than oregano, and mimic thyme, but is sweeter and has a more robust scent ideal for stews, sources, dressings, and soups or in herbal teas.

Like the other herbs in the family Lamiaceae (the deadnettle, sage or mint family), rabbits don’t like it because it has a strong aroma. However, if offered, some bunnies nibble or eat it. If they love it, they can eat a twig or two occasionally.

Can rabbits eat marjoram
Can rabbits eat marjoram?

Also known as sweet or knotted marjoram to distinguish it from oregano, this herb has anti-inflammatory and antioxidants properties. It may help manage digestive issues, has a calming effect, among other benefits.

On the downside, an herb native to Cyprus, the Mediterranean, Turkey, Arabian Peninsula, and Western Asia is known to interact with some medications, especially diabetic medications, a blood thinner, and may affect blood clotting.

Finally, plants closely related or have a similar name include oregano (Origanum vulgare) pot marjoram or Cretan oregano (O. onites), hardy marjoram ((O. × majoricum, Italian, French or Sicilian), which is a cross of oregano and showy oregano (O. × pulchellum)

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