Can Rabbits Eat Oregano

What is it?

Origanum vulgare or oregano belongs to family Lamiaceae or mint family that has other aromatic herbs such as sage, savory, basil, mint, thyme, lavender, among others. This flowering plant is native to Mediterranean and southwestern Eurasia and it is mainly used for culinary, besides it oil used in folk medicine.

Human beings can benefit from its antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, protection against cancer, among other dozens of benefits.[1] What about rabbits?

Do rabbits eat oregano

Rabbits can eat oregano leaves and stem as well as several other members of the mint family. It is one of the bunny safe herb (not toxic or harmful).

Should my bunnies eat oregano
Should my bunnies eat oregano?

However, as with most of the other members of this family, being aromatic and having a strong taste, some bunnies might not like it.

Oregano is among the least favored plants by rabbits and deer, [2] i.e., they will tend to avoid most of the mint family members. Instead, these animals will go for apples, plums, blackberries, roses and raspberries plants.

However, do not assume that your bunnies will completely avoid oregano, they may nibble its leaves, especially when they have nothing else to eat.

Introducing this herb to your bunnies

If you want to introduce this herb to your furry friends, you need to begin with a very small amount to give them a chance to get used to the strong taste.

Secondly, go for fresh leaves and not dried and ground one and ensure the source is free of any pesticides, herbicides or insecticides. Do not forget to wash it under running water.

Introduce it like to you do any other new foods. Begin with a small amount and gradually increase it over about 7 days if it does not cause any stomach upsets including diarrhea or gas.

On amounts to give to your bunny, a chopped cup of 5-6 different leafy greens per about 1kg of bunny weight is enough. Oregano can be one of these leafy greens. However, ensure you only include one of the veggies with high oxalic acid.

Finally, whereas leafy greens and treats of non-leafy vegetables and fruits are an important addition to your rabbit’s diet, keep their amounts to 10-15% of daily food requirements.

Hay should be in unlimited quantities while pellets should be limited to about 5%. Don’t forget rabbits need unlimited amounts of clean, freshwater too.

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  1. Hi, I noticed that oregano is a safe plant for my rabbit. However I notice that it doesn’t say the medicinal purpose for a rabbit.
    (I.E. ) is it antibacterial, anti- inflammatory or antibiotic?
    And is there any other medicinal purpose.

    • Oregano is rich in antioxidants and has various properties, including being antibacterial, anti-cancer, and antiviral. This herb may also help fight inflammation.

      However, there are no specific studies on rabbits concerning this herb expect one on ResearchGate on “Performance of rabbits and oxidative stability of muscle tissues as affected by dietary supplementation with Oregano essential oil” where the oil increases the oxidative level of tissues. This is one benefit.

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