Can Rabbits Eat Snow Peas?

What are they?

Chinese or snow peas is one of the varieties of peas whose pods (fruits) are eaten before they mature commonly cultivated during cool seasons (winter and spring). In some Chinese cooking, their young leaves and stems are also used.

Can my rabbits have these peas?

Yes, you can give your rabbit snow peas, their leaves, and stems. They are not harmful. However, for the case of the pods, give them while the grains are still young (almost flat).

Avoid giving them their dried grains as they can possibly choke them, and they do have higher amounts of starch and less fiber.

Do rabbits eat snow peas
Do rabbits eat snow peas?

One good reason why you should include these peas in your rabbit’s diet is the fact that they have a lot of valuable nutrients including carbs, fats, proteins, vitamins A, B1. B2, B3, B5, B6, B9, choline, C, D, E, and K. Furthermore, they are loaded with several minerals.

As a word of precaution, you need to know how to properly introduce any new food to your rabbits to avoid stomach upsets including diarrhea. This must be done gradually over a period of about one week and to only weaned bunnies and not weaning kits.

Usually, you need to start with a very small amount and introduce only one new food at a time until this pet has fully adapted to it. Check how its tummy is going to react after a day. If there are no soft stools or tummy problems, you can increase the amount gradually.

Furthermore, you must know the right quantities. Your pet needs about a chopped cups of greens per two pounds of its body weight and you need to mix about 4-6 different types of greens to make a great nutritional mix that provides most of the necessary nutrients.

In your nutritional mix of 4-6 greens, you can include the snow peas leaves or stems. Ensure you go for an organic source or one free of farm chemicals and have it washed.

However, for the case of the fresh, immature, green snap pods, feed them as an occasional treat (as any you do with other non-leafy vegetables such as carrots, broccoli, broccolini, squash, zucchinis eat.

A teaspoon per bunny weighing 2 pounds is enough. Remember your bunny needs only one treat a day. Therefore, do not give them fruits or other non-leafy vegetables afterward.


Being fresh and crunchy, your bunny may prefer these peas to its regular food. The pods are only a snack and leave and stems can be part of their leafy greens.

Do not replace their recommended diet as too much of these veggies can cause not only diarrhea but bloating and gas. They may not be having enough fiber like hay which is their main diet.

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