11 Best Bearded Dragon Hideouts and Caves

While in their natural habitats, beardies usually find hiding places on rock hollows, burrows, tree holes, beneath logs and branches, in shaded areas such as grasslands, and so on.

Similarly, while setting up your breaded dragon enclosures and adding various terrarium supplies, accessories, furniture, or decoration, do not forget to include a hiding place or hideout. A hide can be things such as a hiding box, rock, pipe, empty cardboard boxes, flowerpots, ceramic material resembling bark, cork, or stone,  among other items.

Why do they need a hide?

Like other reptiles and animals, these pets need a secluded place they retreat to when they want to be alone or have privacy. Some of the reasons why they need a hiding place include:

a). It makes the feel secure and be stress-free

These lizards are relatively calm reptiles. However, they still need a secluded area to make them feel secure. Otherwise, they would be stressed, mainly if they see anything that scares them. Stress will affect their eating and other activities, and some will not eat, something that will affect their overall health.

Even in their natural habitats, these lizards instinctively run away and hide from their predators or anything that may frighten them.

While there might be no real danger, any perceived threat is enough to make them want to go somewhere they can be alone. Many things can scare them like your loud TV, other pets, and so on.

b). A snuggling and sleeping place

Secondly, these reptiles love to sleep in their hideouts as it makes them feel protected and secure as opposed to sleeping in an open space.

c). Brumation

If kept under optimum temperatures, these pets don’t often brumate as they do during winter while in the wild. Should conditions push them to brumate, the hiding box is one place they will go and brumate.

What about baby beardies

While they also need a hideout since they are often more skittish and get nervous more quickly, ensure they don’t always hide for longer times than usual as this will not give them a chance to interact and feel free with you, bask or eat.

Reptile hideout buying tips

Before we look at the best brands to buy, always consider the below factors as they will help you get a functional hideaway.

  • Size – Ensure they are big enough to fit your reptiles and allow them to be able to turn while inside them. Unfortunately, most of the fancy hideouts sold are often too small due to the ‘fit all designs’ approach, i.e., they meant for different reptiles, some of which may be smaller.
  • Safety – It should be made from non-toxic material and should be sturdy. Avoid types that tipple off as they can injure your pet.
  • Easy to clean – Go for easy to clean ones such as those with non-porous surfaces as they don’t accumulate bacteria and other microbes too.
  • Affordability – Many top quality brands are still affordable. Don’t break your bank to buy a hideout as you can easily make one at home.

Personal preference, other décor or furniture colors, durability, and other factors may also play in while you buy the brand a particular brand.

Best bearded dragon hideouts

Which are some of the best hides(box, rocks, or caves) in the market?

1. Exo Terra Reptile Cave Small, Medium Large and XL

This Exo Tera reptile cave is a true-to-life rock-like hideaway that is easy to blend into any terrarium furniture and décor that will ensure your pets secure and are free of stress.

It comes in four sizes, i.e., small, medium, large, and extra-large, to suit various sizes of your beardies. Don’t worry about injuries since it is very stable to prevent even big bearded dragons from toppling it.

Finally, this Exo Terra reptile cave is safe, thanks to the food-grade resin used in making it. Furthermore, it has a coating for easy cleaning and to avoid the accumulation of bacteria and other harmful pathogens.

Exo Terra Reptile Cave - Medium

2. Zoo Med Reptile Shelter 3 in 1 Cave, Small Medium and Large

Zoo Med Reptile Shelter is a fantastic shelter that can work as a hideout and a basking platform. Moreover, if you add Eco Earth or Terrarium Moss, it will create a microclimate for egg-laying or shedding.

Made from durable eco-ceramic construction, it will serve you for a long time, and its removable lid makes it easy to wash and sterilize as well as check for hatchlings or remove eggs.

Finally, you have a choice of going for the small 3″ x 5″ x 4″, medium (4″ x 7″ x 7″) and large (6″ x 12″ x 11″) depending on your pet size.

Zoo Med Reptile Shelter 3 in 1 Cave

3. Penn-Plax Shale Step Ledge and Cave Hide-Out Resin

Penn-Plax Shale Step Ledge and Cave Hide is an alluring hideout for reptiles as well as aquatic pets like territorial fish, snakes, axolotls, newts, salamanders, lobsters, crayfish, geckos among many others.

This durable, intricately designed, and hand-painted resin hideout closely resembles natural rock formation found in various reptile, fish, and amphibian habitats. Your bearded dragons will like it as it can roundup as a climbing and basking platform for these pets too.

Finally, it is non-porous, meaning it is both easy to clean and will not allow bacteria and other microbes to accumulate on its surface.

Penn-Plax Reptology Shale Step Ledge for Aquariums & Terrariums

4. Zilla Reptile Habitat Décor Hideouts Bark Bends

While it is more fitted for naturalistic aquatic or terrestrial habitats, the Zilla Reptile Décor hideout bark bends are a striking addition to your bearded dragon habitat. They will give these pets a fantastic opportunity to hide, climb, bask, and relax. Every reptile that likes burrowing will like it.

Secondly, it has a non-porous exterior that makes it is easy to clean. Just clean it with warm water and soap and rinse it afterward. Also, it doesn’t hold or promote bacterial growth, making it great if you need a for a fresh-smelling and healthy terrarium.

Finally, you have a choice of picking the small, medium, or large size hideouts bark bends depending on the size of your bardie or any other reptile.

Zilla Reptile Habitat Décor Hideouts Bark Bends

5. Exo Terra Skull Crocodile, Primate and Buffalo Skull

Nothing will accentuate and create a realistic naturalistic your rainforest, aquatic, or desert terrarium while providing a hiding and climbing place like an Exo Terra skull. Your pet will fill secure in this hideout that is easy to access since it has multiple entry points.

Is it the crocodile, primate, or skull terrarium décor that you prefer? Here are their respective dimensions to aid you in picking the right one.

a). Exo Terra Primate skull

It measures about 6.3 x 6.3 x 5.7 inches. We recommend it for a medium-sized beardie, such as a young adult or juvenile one.

EXO-TERRA ExoTerra Terrarium Decor Primate Skull

b). Exo terra crocodile skull

This décor measures 8.5 x 8.5 x 4 inches making it ideal for your juvenile, subadults, and small adult bearded dragons.

Exo Terra Crocodile Skull Terrarium Decor Hideout for Reptiles and Amphibians

c). Exo Terra Buffalo Skull

Its dimensions are 9.2 x 9.2 x 4.4 inches making it suitable for baby bearded dragons to subadults. Small sized-adults will also perfectly fit in it.

Exo Terra Buffalo Skull Terrarium D

6. Fluker’s Small Critter Cavern Half log wooden hide

The Fluker’s half-log hideout is an excellent hiding and basking platform for your lizard that will blend well with both terrestrial and desert habitats. Your pet will feel secure and well sheltered.

With an option of going for the small, medium, large, or extra-large one, this sturdy, easy to clean, durable, and affordable hideout is an outstanding addition to your terrarium furniture.

Fluker's Small Critter Cavern Reptile Small Animal Hide

7. Zoo Med Habba Hut – Small, Medium, Large, XL and Giant

If you loved the Fluker’s Small Critter Cavern, you would also like the Zoo Med Habba Hut as it is also an all-natural wooden hideaway that comes in various sizes. It is an excellent choice if you want to move away from the resign and plastic hideaways.

Habba Hut Hideaway for Reptiles

8. Zoo Med Natural Cork Bark, Round

Creating a naturalistic and captivating habitat for your reptiles and amphibians requires careful selection of décor. This cork bark will add charm to your terrarium if you love a forest theme and can be half or full round. Both can serve as hiding or sheltering places.

Additionally, if you have terrarium live plants, the full round piece can hold plants if placed in an upright orientation.

Besides providing a tranquil, relaxing area, it is easy to customize (you can cut it to whatever shape or length you want), it is all-natural, and it comes in various sizes.

Zoo Med Cork Bark Round for terrariums

9. Zilla Reptile Habitat Décor Shale Rock Den

Bearded dragons enjoy basking for warmth, sleeping, or relaxing in a colder sheltered place or climbing. This Zilla shale rock den gives them a chance to participate in all these behaviors with a place to hide, a climbing place, and an elevated basking platform.

This life-like rock formation den has a non-porous surface to prevent bacterial accumulation while making clean an easy task. It will add beauty and functionality to both semi-arid and tropical terrariums.

Zilla Reptile Habitat Décor Shale Rock Den

10. Exo Terra Reptile Den Terrarium Tunnel System

This Terrarium tunnel system is one of a kind if you are looking for hiding or sleeping place for your reptiles or amphibians. It will give these pets a perfect time to relax or sleep.

The Exo Terra reptile den’s design has a pet in mind. For instance, its insulation will keep its temperature below ambient terrarium temperature just as it is in the wild.

Furthermore, it features a “through-the-glass magnetic rock formation”(1) with the two pieces held together with a magnet, making it easy to install it and watch your pets without disturbing them or opening your vivarium.

Finally, to view your reptiles, remove the rock cover that is on the outside to see your reptiles or amphibians, and replace it afterward.

Exo Terra Reptile Den

11. Magnaturals Small Hideaway Granite – Magnetic Décor

The MagNaturals hideaway granite magnetic décor is an innovate easy to install hideaway made from 100% nontoxic polyurethane foam resin. You need to lock it onto your up to ¼ an inch glass terrarium with mega magnetic power with a lifetime guaranteed magnetic force. There is no velcro or glue.

Furthermore, it is easy to clean, will provide a climbing or basking platform, and has colors that will resemble actual granite rocks; hence, it will blend well with most of the other desert décor.

Magnaturals Medium Hideaway Granite - Magnetic Decor

Finally, you have the option of getting small (8″ x 5″ x 3″ dee) medium (11″ x 8″ x 3.75″ deep) or the largest measuring  13″ x 7.5″ x 5.75″.


  • Niteangel Birch Bark Bends Habitat Decor Reptile Hideout 4.4, 9
  • Zilla Rock Den Hideout for Terrariums
  • Petforu Reptile Hideouts, Tree Hole Pet Habitat Décor Hide Cave Décor Ornament
  • Habi-Scape Pet-Tech Products Jumbo Boulder Cave
  • Magnaturals 37131 Hideaway Earth

Pangea Reptile Hide Box

While some people go for Pangea Reptile Hide Box, which is a plastic reptile hide,  use it on your snakes and terrestrial reptiles like geckos and not beardies. Therefore, by extension, it means the OMEM Reptile Hideout Box and Zipefy Reptile Hide Box Feel Secure hideaways are neither ideal for these desert reptiles.

Also, avoid Exo Terra Dinosaur Egg Fossil Ornament since it is ideal for humid areas.

Hideout setup

Once you have bought or made one, the ideal place to put it should be on the cooler side. If possible, place it on relatively higher ground and ensure it is warm.

However, if you have two, you can have one on the cooler side and the other on the warm side. For the one on the warmer side, buying a basking platform that is hollow underneath will be a great idea. However, in such a case, ensure it doesn’t get too hot.

Secondly, their entry point should not face directly to the doorway of your vivarium to minimize distraction by anything or anyone moving in front of your enclosure as it will make it difficult for this pet to relax.

Finally, if your bearded dragons don’t like any initial position, try chancing these positions until you find a place, they will like most.

If hiding too much

New and baby beardies tend to hide more. However, they should soon stop this as they get familiar with their owners. However, if they are doing this more than usual, it could be an indication that all is not well.

Usually, hiding more than usual could also be a sign they are unwell as this is one of the behavior when ill or skin. These pets know they are most vulnerable while sick. Therefore, check for any other signs of sickness, like diarrhea, vomiting, lethargy, not eating, and so on.

Finally, as solitary animals that maintain hierarchies, the subservient beardie may often hide to stay away from the dominant one. It is advisable to avoid housing them together.

DIY and homemade hideouts

With the right tools and materials, making a homemade hide for your beardie shouldn’t be a mission impossible! Modifying empty cardboard boxes, wooden boxes, plastic pipes, and so on can create one. Also, you can use Styrofoam and other materials.

If you would like to make one, Wide Open Pets and Instructables have a guide. Additionally, YouTube has several video tutorials.  Check the ones below.

Cheap reptile hides for sale

If you are not a fan of homemade or DIY products, check for hideouts in your local pet store or online stores. Comparing prices at places such as Petco, Amazon, PetSmart, Chewy, eBay, and so on will help you get cheap bearded dragon hideouts.

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