7 Best Bearded Dragon Toys

Physical and mental stimulation is vital to your bearded dragon’s overall health. Since they spend most of their time alone in their tank or enclosure. One way to realize this is by investing in some toys and other enrichments.

For instance, while some will work as logic and puzzle toys to stimulate their mind, others will give your lizard a chance to exercise and have fun. Physical activity will ensure your pet is fit, doesn’t fatten, and that they remain healthy.

Besides exercise and mental stimulation, ensure you know how to feed them and the right diet or foods. Overfeeding, sedentary lifestyle, and choosing the wrong type of feeder insects, especially those that are high in fats, may cause obesity.

Toy ideas

Like any other pet, these reptiles may prefer certain toys and not others. Therefore, you need to experiment and see what they prefer most. When buying toys, always consider the following factors.

  • Safety– Only go for those that are safe, i.e., made from safe material and those they cannot swallow. These toys shouldn’t be fragile or have small parts that can easily break or chip off.
  • Color – These pets are likely to notice colorful toys more than dull ones.
  • Size – They shouldn’t be too large. Such will overwhelm these pets, or they may ignore them. Similarly, avoid tiny toys as these pets may swallow them.

Cost, personal preference, durability, and other factors may also play in when it comes to which ones you buy. Let us look at some of the good breaded dragon’s toys to buy.

1. Bearded dragon Ball

While these pets may not play or chase and fetch toys as your dog and cat does, they are an excellent choice. Some beardies may jolt, seem to attack, or push these balls with their nose while others will ignore them.

Here is a video of a beardie having great times with a cat ball.

With that video, you probably want to get a toy for your lizard. If so, here is what to buy.

A small cat or ping pong ball

When buying balls, go for lightweight, bouncy balls with bright colors. For instance, ping pong balls or any other small balls will work well.

bearded dragon balls
bearded dragon balls

There are even smaller mini ping pong balls if you have a juvenile or small beardie.

Hamster ball – logic or puzzle 

A more fun idea is having a transparent hamster ball. Since it has an opening, put some crickets or roaches in it and let your beardie roll it as he or she tries to eat any cricket that escapes.

Hamster Exercise ball
Hamster Exercise ball

2. Rubber duck

A colorful small size rubber duck is another excellent toy choice. Some bearded dragons may push or nudge it with their snout.

Mini Rubber Ducks
Mini Rubber Ducks

3. Crinkled wrapping paper

Cat toys such as cricked wrapping paper, including the colorful Mylar Crinkle Balls, is another excellent addition. If you don’t want to buy them, crumple paper and place it next to your bearded dragon and let it play with it.

Crinkle balls cat toys
Crinkle balls cat toys

4. Laser pointer or pen

The laser pointer can help stimulate activity as your reptile chases the laser beam, thinking it is a bug. However, it will soon realize it is not an actual bug and get bored, limit the time you use it to a once or twice in a week, and for a short instance.

Additionally, at times, to help break the boredom,  point it to an actual bug you placed in their cage.

Laser pointing pen
Laser pointing pen

5. Inflatable water slides or floaties

If you have a shallow bath pool where you let your bearded dragon swim, adding floaties will give these pets a chance to rest on or climb onto them and feel less threatened.

Inflatable flootie
Inflatable flootie

6. Cat wand such as teaser cat catcher

Dangling a cat wand is another excellent idea to stimulate your lizard into some activity and exercise. They will love to chase it around, especially if you buy one that has an all-natural looking mouse or bug.

However, ensure it is safe and is firmly attached. It shouldn’t have a loose part like feathers to diminish the chances of this pet ingesting it.

Go Cat Cat Catcher Teaser Wand with Mouse Cat Toy
Go Cat Cat Catcher Teaser Wand with Mouse Cat Toy

7. Long feeding tong

Instead of a cat wand, a more fan way will be teasing this lizard with a long feeding tong with a live bug such as a live Dubia roach, cricket, grasshopper, mealworm, hornworms, silkworms, and so on.

Move the bug onto climbing branches, basking rock, or any other décor and furniture in your terrarium. To catch and eat the buy, these animals will have to climb, jump, or chase the bug.

Feeding tongs
Feeding tongs

Finally, besides giving them toys, there are many other fun things to do with your beardie to keep it happy, exercised, and less bored.

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