Can Cats Eat Fennel or Is this Herb Poisonous

Foeniculum vulgare, Finocchio, or fennel is an aromatic herb that belongs to the carrot, celery, or parsley used in flavoring food. Its stems, leaves, and shoot are edible.

This perennial plant is native to Asian Minor and southern Europe. However, in Australia and some parts of the US, it is considered an invasive plant species.

Besides being a flavoring herb, some cultivars such as the Florence fennel’s shoots, and bulb type are eaten as a vegetable.

Finally, this herb and its oil are used in scenting perfumes, soaps, as well as flavoring liqueurs, medicine, candies, pastries, fish, sweet pickles, and so on.

Can cats eat fennel

Can cats eat fennel?

Yes. Kitties can eat fennel but in small quantities especially when added to their food. It is not poisonous. However, to ensure you avoid its concentrated oil, ASPCA warns as it is associated with photosensitive dermatitis.

Besides being quite nutritious, it may help improve digestion, reduce bloating and fluctuance as well as freshen your cat’s breath. It also has diuretic properties.

Furthermore, Nature’s Sunshine Catnip & Fennel will help soothe and support digestion. It is particularly good for cats with digestion problems. 

Since these pets are carnivores, they cannot digest herbs and vegetables. This implies they will not be able to utilize the various nutrients they have.

Therefore, giving them a lot of plant material will cause gastrointestinal upsets, diarrhea, bloating, vomiting and these deleterious effects will surpass this herb’s benefits. Kittens will be more susceptible to these damaging effects.


Cats can eat fennel leaves, stems, and seeds. They are not toxic or poisonous to these pets in small quantities. However, avoid concentrated oil.

Finally, terms such as wild, garden, sweet, bitter fennel may be used to refer to this herb or its varieties.

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  1. My cat started eating the leaves from my fennel bulb as soon as I brought it in from the store! Was going to get cat grass but she likes it! Let her have a little more she was happy!

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