Can Cats Eat Pancakes or They Are Not Safe?

Pancakes, hotcakes, flapjack, griddle, batter or flannel cake is a thin, flat, round cake made by frying batter on both sides using oil or butter. The starch-based batter may have eggs, butter, milk, among other ingredients.

Terms such as drop scone, gallate, waffle or, chapatti, slapjacks, tortilla, and so on may mean the same thing.

Since they are easy to make and very delicious, they are popular in many parts of the world. If you are fond of making these them, it is good to know if you can share them with your kitty or not.

Is it ok my cat eating pancakes?

A small piece of pancake given occasionally might not be harmful to your kitties. However, we do not encourage giving pancakes to your cats or kittens.

Can cats eat pancakes
Can cats eat pancakes

Instead, you can make pancakes for your cat. They will be having the right ingredients that will not harm these pets in any way.

Why don’t we recommend them? Firstly, looking at their nutritional profile, they contain a lot of carbs. These pets are obligate carnivores who depend on diets that are low in carbs but high in proteins and with a moderate amount of fats.

Secondly, some ingredients especially dairy products such as milk and butter may cause gastrointestinal problems and diarrhea since most adult cats are not able to digest these ingredients since they do not have enough lactase enzyme to breakdown lactose, i.e., they are lactose intolerant.

While a small piece may not have enough carbs or dairy products to rack-havoc these are junk foods. Why not consider giving them a healthy treat instead?

Vegans do not add milk or butter to their pancakes, making them slightly better than ordinary ones. However, they are nutritionally lacking too.

Finally, there is a risk of malnutrition or deficiency symptoms if you are fond of feeding your kitties with such foods.


If you insist on a small piece of these cakes, then ensure they do not “contain chocolate, raisins, sultanas, grapes or anything containing the sweetener xylitol.” All these are poisonous to not only your feline fried but also to your dog, notes Metro.


For optimum growth and development in kittens as well as optimum wellbeing of adult kitties, always give them diets that are nutritionally meeting their needs. Avoid filling them with the wrong foods.

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