Cat Staring at Me, Is She Angry, Happy or Scared?

There are many reasons why a cat may stare at you which include when it is seeking your attention, needs foods, is scared, angry, insecure, curious, and so on.

To correctly decipher what your kitty is trying to tell you, you need to look at other body languages and any vocalization. Look at their body, tail, ears, fur, and so forth.

When affectionate

Consider it a sign of happiness or affection if  “your cat is staring at you, blinking slowly while he is inches away from your face,” states PetMD. Whereas she may keep eye contact, soft blinks will often be noted.

Cat staring at me. Angry
My cat stares at me, Is she happy, angry or scared?

Also, your kitty’s body needs to appear relaxed and loose. Sitting next to you, being on your lap or chest, and so on may further indicate that your feline friend truly loves you and their gaze is nothing other than a sign of affection.

When angry or about to be aggressive

When about to be aggressive or feels threatened, your cat may also stare at you firmly without blinking.  Your feline friend is trying to watch your every move and know how to react.

You will also notice their pupils dilated, their body looking stiffer, ears flattened outwards to their side or backward, being restlessness or they may arch their body, et cetera.

Distracting your feline, staring away from him or her, making soft noise or trying any other way to take their attention off you may help reduce chances of a confrontation.

Territorial tendencies, new people, new pets or cats among other things may make this pet mad.

Is your kitty scared?

When scared, cats tend to hide, run away, freeze in one place, be aggressive, and so forth. Loud noises, a new person or animal, stressing event such as traveling or going to a vet and so on may make these animals be afraid.

Sometimes, your cat may crouch before you while his or tail is tucked beneath her body. This could also indicate that your kitty is scared. They are trying to be watchful to ensure they can avoid anything dangerous.

If there are staring at you because they are scared, look at anything around that may have made them be fearful. Did you make a loud noise, or did you drop something that made a loud noise?

Do not try to scare your cat any further. Instead, calm her down, get rid of anything that caused the fear, try giving your kitty her favorite treats, consider calming scents, and so on but remember to take everything slowly.

Other reasons

Besides being scared, happy or angry, those long gazes your fluffy friend gives you could be a means to seek for your attention, tell you she is hungry, trying to understand you or just being curious.

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