Why Does My Cat Stare at Me without Blinking?

  1. Sometimes it is possible to notice your feline friend staring at you, a prey he has been stalking, or another cat without blinking. It is the kind of direct intense stare that might scare or make you apprehensive. Does my kitty want to attack me or not? Should I be worried?

Why don’t they blink?

Cats are capable of squinting where their upper and lower eyelid move close to each other. They do it to protect their eyes and may do so to fellow kitties or you to communicate, something frequently regarded as a “kitty kiss” meant to show affection.

However, unlike human beings, they “do not need to blink their eyes on a regular basis to keep their eyes lubricated (with tears)” as Wikipedia notes.

Why do cats stare without blinking
Why do cats stare without blinking?

As visual hunters, this gives them the advantage to be able to stalk their predators and keep a close eye to avoid losing them.

Although house cats may not be hunting their own prey, they still have their hunting instincts. Therefore, if you see your kitty gazing for a long time unblinkingly, it is nothing much to worry about, they are only trying to keep a close eye on you.

Some of the reasons why your feline friend may fix her eyes on you without squinting include when she feels threatened or scared by you. Your kitty is trying to keep a close eye on you to watch your every move and know how to react.

Also, according to Conscious Cat, staring “without blinking can be an attempt at dominance” when they do that to other kitties or pets.

Remember, if they feel so threatened, they may be aggressive. Therefore, watch for other signs of aggression such as ears flattened backward, tail raised up (tail twitching), an arched back, dilated pupils, growling or hissing, and so on.

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