Why Does My Cat Keep Staring at Me?

It is normal for kitties to stare. Various reasons make them do so including being hungry, curious, afraid, angry, happy as well as seeking for your attention or showing dominance, among many other discussed while looking at why cats stare.

However, sometimes, this behavior can seem a little off, creepy and upsetting if it happens continuously and persistently. Imagine your kitty sitting in front of you and she keeps on staring at you or including into your eyes for a long time. Some people may feel threatened or stalked by their fluffy friend.

Why does it happen?

One of the most common reason is if your feline friend is very hungry and it is past his or her eating time. They will fix their eyes on you hoping to control you and make you get them their food or treat.

Why does my cat keep staring at me
Why does my cat keep staring at me?

Also, if you have been avoiding your cat for a long time, she may gaze on you persistently. She is trying her best to get your attention.

Besides seeking for attention, your kitty may be wanting something else. For instance, indoor cats that often goes out to play may gaze at you as a means of letting you know it is their playtime and they want to go out and play.

Finally, it could be a sign of loneliness, especially if she lost a longtime companion. She wants your attention as she is missing her companion.

Is my kitty too needy?

If your cat is always staring at you, it may also be a sign he or she is needy and clingy. Such kitties will also tend to follow you everywhere, meow at you all the time, become destructive when alone, rub you each time you are near them or refuse to eat if you are not around.

If the glaring at you all the time is due to this pet being needy, you need not overlook this behavior. Instead, look at what makes him or her needy and deal with the causes.

For example, behavioral training and positive reinforcements may help. However, ensure you love this pet and not all cases being needy is a behavioral problem. It may be a health issue including an injury, pain, and so on.

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