Why Does My Cat Stare at Me While I Sleep?

Cats not only stare but also meow, purr, hiss, yowl, and so on. They may also follow you everywhere you go including to your bed, kitchen or outside. In fact, these pets love to snuggle in your bed or next to you while you are taking a snooze on your couch.

Have you ever taken a nap only you open your eyes and you find your kitty gazing at you? She could be lying on your lap or chest with her eyes fixed on you. It feels creepy.

Why do they do this? What are they thinking about? Are they planning to kill you? Although it might be impossible to know what your cat is thinking about while gazing at you as you nap, plotting murder is unlikely.

Why does your kitty stare you while you sleeping?

Why does my cat stare at me while I sleep
Why does my cat stare at me while I sleep

If you are sleeping in a dark place, you probably may not be able to see so well. However, your feline pal sees very well in the places that are dimly lit, therefore she is only gazing at you as she does during the day.

Some of the reason why this pet may be staring at you while you are sleeping include:

  • She needs your company, attention or food. Sometimes, while you are sleeping, she may get bored and needs your company, someone to play with, food or attention especially if this happens during the day as you are taking a nap.
  • Also, if she is frightened by something as your sleep, it is possible for her to stare at you for affirmation. Loud noise, seeing unfamiliar people or animals, and so on may scare these pets. Remember they may be able to see them in the darkness while you may not.
  • Your cat may be taking a nap too. Sometimes, these pets can nap while their eyes are partially or fully open.
  • These pets sometimes do look at things for no apparent reasons. Probably, they are just relaxing. Besides gazing at you, they may also stare into space, walls or at nothing, at each other.

Besides the above reasons, any of the other reasons we mentioned while looking at why is my cat staring at me may also be a cause and they include health issues, trying to assert dominance and so on.

You need to look at any other body language or vocal cues as they may help you further decipher why they have their eyes fixed on you while you are asleep.

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  1. When you sleep, you don’t make all these noises that can drive a feline crazy, like sing, turn on the TV too loud, or vacuum. And you don’t make sudden movement or drag furniture on the floor.

    Cats might associate sleep with calmness, and it might sooth them to watch you taking even, deep breaths in your sleep. After all, cats often fall asleep when they’re relaxed, which is an evolutionary trait. In the wild, sleeping only when the situation is safe is essential for survival.

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