Why Does My Cat Stare at the Litter Box?

There are many reasons why cats stare at their owners, on walls, empty space or objects. However, noticing your cat gazing at his or her litter box may seem a little bit abnormal. Why do they do so?

Whereas it might not be easy to pinpoint the exact cause of this behavior, there are a few things may be a cause it.

Firstly, if she is suffering from a bowel movement problem which causes a lot of discomforts, she may be unwilling or not sure if she is ready to go poop. This may make her gaze at the littering box.

Secondly, it may happen as part being territorial or asserting dominance especially if your feline pal sees another one using his litter tray. When being territorial, cats may stare at each other.

Why do cats stare at their litter box
Why do cats stare at their litter box

Additionally, it could be a means to check if it is clean or not especially when your kitty wants to use it. She is only peeping to see if it is clean or has been cleaned.

Do not forget that these pets are very curious. Therefore, the staring can also be out of curiosity.

Finally, it can happen if there are bugs. Kitties have an acute sight and might see some small bugs which we may not be able to see.

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