Do Cats Need Boron in their Diets?

Boron (B) is a mineral that occurs naturally in the environment in the form of borate minerals such as borax, kernite, ulexite, colemanite, boracite, painite, among others mined as evaporates.

It also occurs naturally in some foods in small quantities. Some of the foods rich in boron include avocados, legumes, nuts, peaches, apples, milk, potatoes, grapes, pears, oranges, carrots, among others.

Compounds of this mineral have many uses such as making insecticides especially boric acid and borax bleaching agents and detergents including the famous 20 Mule Team Borax, as a dopant in semiconductors, as a component of magnets, making ceramics, glass, fiberglass, among other uses.

Dietary sources of boron. Do cats need this mineral
Dietary sources of boron. Do cats need this mineral

Do cats need this mineral?

The AAFCO does not recognize boron as one of the essential minerals that cats and dogs need for growth and development.

However, this does not mean it does not have any functions in felines and canines. It does. Let us look like some of its possible dietary roles.

The function of boron in cats

Like selenium and other trace minerals, it is required in small amounts, and excessive amounts can be toxic. Some of its dietary functions include:

  • According to ca, it aids in vitamin D metabolism, absorption, and utilization of calcium and development and maintenance of bone” and promotes growth and development. This potential benefit has been noted recently.
  • A publication on “The Role of Boron in Animal Health” published in the Journal of Elementology, concludes that role of “boron on human and  animal  bone development, mineralization, Ca, P, and Mg metabolism, energy metabolism, and enabling enzyme activation have been proven by scientific studies.”

Although this trace mineral is believed to have therapeutic effects and it may help heal arthritis when used in small amounts, this belief has no scientific backing.

Other uses boron compounds in cats

Besides its dietary roles, there are various compounds based on this element including boric eyewash for cats, boric acid in killing fleas or borax. If you intend to use any of these products, ensure you are aware of any issues with regard to their safety and how they can be safely used.


Since it is not listed among the essential nutrients for cats and dogs, supplementation is not necessary as there are no deficiency reports so far. However, there is a Calcium w/Boron 3 capsules supplement available.

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