Feline Constipation and Cat Foods that Can Help

Feline constipation is a real problem, but there are some cat foods that fortunately that can help. When it comes to feline constipation, there could be many different problems that can cause it, but overall, it will cause a lot of discomfort for your cat and can even lead to serious health problems and possible death.

Nobody wants this for your cat, so what are you supposed to do? In the wild, cats will generally take care of it themselves, Their natural instincts can help them know when to do things like eat grass, or certain bugs, etc. that will help them pass gas and stools. In domesticated cats, however, the problem could be a lot harder to resolve. So, we’re going to tell you a bit about some products that can help your cat have healthy stools.

Feline constipation and how to help
Feline constipation and how to help. Photo by Milada Vigerova on Unsplash

How to Know When Your Cat’s Constipated

Believe it or not, a cat will typically use the number two restroom at least once every single day. Of course, sometimes they can go once every other day, but this is more common in cats fed a dry-food-only diet. There are some signs, however, that you may want to worry about.

Of course, some cats won’t eat every day either, which can cause them to use the bathroom less often. But if your cat goes about 3-5 days without anything showing up in their litter box, you should worry and take them to the vet if you can’t resolve it yourself. Some things can be causing it to be more severe, and for this reason, you may want to see if you can help them go. If you can’t, definitely take them to the vet.

Some Simple Remedies

Many people think that they can Google everything and find several things online that they can do. While this is somewhat true, you don’t want to believe everything you read online about what you can do for cats, unless you have done plenty of research to back it up.

Therefore, the below ways have been proven to work and are veterinarian recommended practices to help reduce constipation in your cat.

1. Add Natural Fiber to Their Diet

One thing you can do to help your carnivorous feline is by adding a bit of veggie to their diet mix. You may find this strang. However, you can get canned pumpkin, which will drastically increase fiber in their food.

Add a tiny amount of it (not the pumpkin pie filling loaded with sugar, but plain pumpkin) can go a long way to help your cat. You may read online to give your cat mineral oil or vegetable oil, but you don’t want to do this.

2. Increase water intake

Another remedy that you can try is to give your cat more water. You can do this by giving them canned cat food instead of dry ones. You may want to buy various types to see what kind they’re going to eat the most. A good quality canned food has a lot more fiber and water in it, helping rehydrate them.

Also, encourage water drinking by having bowls in several places, using water fountains, etc.  

3. Probiotics Can Help

Cat probiotics are another thing you can add to their diet, and you can find numerous products both online and in pet supply stores that can give them a high amount of probiotics that can help encourage a healthy gut.

4. Try A New Brand of Food

You may also want to try changing their cat food. Sometimes, a change in cat food can end up loosening your cat’s stools inside of their bodies and help them go much easier.  If you have a picky eater, you may actually have a cat that’s not eating the amount they should have healthy stools. Try switching it up and see what happens.

5. Not Enough Litter Boxes in the House

Litter boxes can also be one reason why your cat is constipated if you have more than one cat. Cats are naturally territorial, and they’re also territorial about their litter boxes as well.

If there are multiple cats all using one litter box, you’re bound to have one that’s not going to want to share. This can cause many problems, and not only can it cause your kitty cat not to use the bathroom, but it can even cause more stress and anxiety in their lives.

6. Try Giving them Tranquility

Ensure that your cat has a peaceful and quiet place, as well as areas for them to perch. When cats perch, they are most relaxed because climbing is higher to reduce stress, anxiety, and fear.

Cats naturally climb and perch on high things for security. If you don’t have a place where your cat can perch, you may have more problems with your cat’s stress levels, which can also take a toll on its stools as well.

Also, kids and loud noises can always be stressful for a cat as well. Try giving them a place that’s secluded and quiet where they can rest and get away for a vacation once in a while in your home and see how well they do. This may help with their personality and cuddliness as well.


As you can see, there is a lot you can do to help your cat with constipation, and when it comes to why they have it, it could be anything causing it as well.

Try giving them some of the things on this list, and at the last resort, definitely take them to the vet. You may ask your veterinarian about over the counter laxatives and what pet laxatives you can give your cat, which may greatly help your kitty do much better.

Either way, this can help decrease depression and increase overall happiness and gut health in your cat, and if you’re a cat lover, why not give your cat the same great feeling that you’d want yourself?

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