Probiotics for Cats – Top Buying Guide

Sometimes our little pets can have digestion problems, and they need a little boost to their system. It’s imperative for their nutritional health that you get your cat or kitten some supplements, if need be, to help them process all of the nutrients in the food you’re feeding them. But what kind of supplements do you actually need to get your cat?

Probiotics for cats buying guide
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One of the most popular ones you can buy them instead of multivitamins is probiotics. Here is a buying guide to help you get the right probiotics for your cat, which can help them with numerous problem areas that they may have, such as:

  • Allergies to the food you feed them
  • IBS (yes, cats can get inflammatory bowel disease and irritable bowel syndrome as well).
  • Hairball control
  • Increased diarrhea and flatulence.
  • And even constipation (which can be potentially fatal to your cat).

Keep reading to find out how to pick the best one for your cat and the best brands in the market to buy!

What Do Probiotics Do?

When it comes to probiotics in any animal’s diet, especially cats, it’s important that it plays the role that probiotics are supposed to play for everyone – to help them with the digestion of their food and provide gut and intestine health that can help them keep from having so many other ailments.

Believe it or not, your cats can get numerous benefits and fix the problems listed above by using probiotics.  Additionally, it has been proven that a cat can even reduce the number of infections and have a boost in their immune system if you incorporate them (probiotics) in your cat’s diet. It can also help your cat regulate their overall physical and mental well-being, and even help them with weight control.

Feeding your cat

When you feed your cat, they must be getting a well-balanced diet of nutrients and proteins that they need. Many of the foods you provide your cat may not have all of the nutrients they need. Also, there may be absorption problems, which can sometimes affect the absorption of other nutrients that your cat needs. That’s where feeding them probiotics can help.

Probiotics are tiny bacteria that can help balance out the pH of your pet’s stomach and intestinal acid. This will help to get rid of harmful bacteria in your cat’s body as well as in their intestinal tract.

The 6 Best of the Best

Here are some of the best probiotics that you can find on the market today to help your pet the most. Many things affect what’s the best, from price to the number of probiotics in each dose.

1. Purina Fortiflora Nutritional Supplement for Cats

Purina Fortiflora Nutritional Supplement for Cats is, by far, one of the best probiotics from a brand name that you can trust. Compared to many others on the market, it helps with diarrhea in cats and can provide an antibiotic effect.

2. Pet Ultimates Feline Probiotics

This probiotic gives you a large number of units of probiotics in a small dose. It has about 50 times the number of CFUs you can get per scoop compared to other popular brand name probiotics. Additionally, you can rest assured that you won’t be getting a probiotic made in Chin, which are just sugar, animal byproducts, and maltodextrins made from grains with this one (some other brands do this to make you buy more).

3. NutraMax Laboratories Proviable DC Capsules

This brand by Nutramax Laboratories is a great probiotic source that comes in the form of a capsule form for your pets. It is a great way to get billions of CFUs per capsule.

4. Bene-Bac Plus Pet Gel (4 counts)

If you can handle this product’s foul odor and the fact that it provides a bit of greasiness, it can do wonders for your pet. It’s a 4-pack tube blister pack that dogs seem to love, and it can help in many areas of life for your pet. It’s also great for cats and other animals!

5. Vetrinex Labs Advanced Probiotic Formula

This brand by Vetrine Labs and has multiple strains of probiotics. It gives you about 3 billion CFUs for every scoop of probiotics and can drastically help your pet in about two weeks of use. It can help control diarrhea in your dogs or cats and is one of the absolute best when it comes to probiotics.

6. TummyWorks Probiotics

TummyWorks is a probiotic supplement that helps your pet’s tummy work wonders. It’s great for dogs and cats (especially for cats), and it can also help alleviate the need for your pet to scratch and even aid them with food allergies that they may have. Something like TummyWorks Probiotics should be added to every cat’s diet.


All of them that are listed are wonderful for your pets, and more importantly, a great addition to your cat’s daily intake of food. Some of these need to be administered every day, but others can be used every few days to help maintain your cat’s gut health overall.

By adding these to your cat’s intake of food, you can help ensure that they’re not getting all of the bad things that are harming them in their food (such as corn, grain, and other ingredients that don’t do anything for your cat), but you’ll ensure that they’re getting al of the nutrients from them.

Of course, each of these in our list is a great probiotic supplement for your cat. Still, our number one pick is the best for providing the highest amount of CFUs (the unit of measurements for probiotics) in a small, potent dose. These don’t harm your cat in any way, and more importantly, they’ll be able to digest and get the most out of their food, which is the most important!

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