My Cats Are Staring at Each Other?

Cats stare at human beings or their owners since they consider them as the center of their universe especially when they want attention, food, company, curious and so on.

As a predator, staring and stalking is also part of their hunting instincts where they stalk their preys before they pounce and capture them.

However, it is also common to notice cats staring at each other. What does it mean or why do they do so?

Why do cats stare at each other?

Whereas they can be solitary, kitties tend to be territorial even more than dogs. Some of their territorial tendencies include urine spraying (marking), stalking, hissing, aggression and so on to assert dominance over others.

Why do cats stare at each other
Why do cats stare at each other?

Once a kitty has marked his turf and he sees another cat approaching it, he will try to communicate using his body language such through stalking or staring, aggression, among other ways.

If the cat violating a territory notices the dominant one is staring, he will pause any other activity he was doing and stare back, if the dominance is sufficiency, he will go away. However, if it is not sufficient, aggression, wrestling, and a fight may follow.

However, before a fight breaks out, “safely break up a stare-off between cats, try making a loud noise to scare them apart from one another,” advises

How to prevents gazing at each other?

If you recently brought in a new kitty, you need to minimize the gazing as it may result in catfights.  Employ the various tactics often used introducing these pets which include the following:

  • Do it gradually and let them be friends before they can be in the same room or place.
  • Share their scents by exchanging their blankets, toys, rubbing them in the same towel, and so on.
  • Keep the new kitty in a confinement ensuring he or she has all the necessary resources. Keeping them side by side or slowly move their feeding and water bowls as well as litter boxes near to each other may help them become familiar with one another.
  • Always supervise initial contacts until they are well bonded. Never leave them unsupervised if you notice any form of stalking.
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