Why Does My Cat Stare at Me and Purr?

If you own a cat, you have heard him or her purr. It is the most common sound these pets make. Other common vocalizations include chirping, chattering, hissing, meowing and growling.

You will notice your kitty purring when she is contented, healing, connecting to her kittens, is hungry or happy. You simply need to consider the context and other body and vocal cues.

On the other hand, your feline pal will stare at you out of curiosity, when hungry, wants attention, scared, insecure and so on.

Therefore, this pet is most likely to purr and stare at you when she needs food or seeking attention.

My Cat stares at me and purrs
My cat stares at me and purrs

Besides purring and staring at you, meowing, pawing, running around your legs, biting you slightly, trying to be at your level (by doing things such as jumping onto your desk),  knocking or stealing things, bringing presents, etc., may indicate that your cat is indeed seeking for your attention.

If it is about their eating time, give them food. However, do not always fall for that since they may end up being needy.

Also, you may have to consider taking a little time and play with your fluffy friend and enrich their lives with a cat toy to keep them busy and enchanted. They deserve to be happy.

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