Can Rabbits Eat Mizuna?

Mizuna (water greens, kyona, spider mustard, or Japanese mustard greens), one of the cultivars of Brassica rapa var. niposinica. Other popular cultivars include napa cabbage, rapini, bok choy, turnip, among others.

There are about 16 varieties of this vegetable include Vitamin Green, Early, Kyona, Kyoto, Waido, Purple, Happy Rich, Mibuna, Vitamin Green, Summer Fest, and Tokyo Early mizuna.

Can rabbits eat mizuna
Can rabbits eat mizuna?

Is it ok for bunnies?

Yes. Rabbits can eat mizuna in moderation as a part of the leafy greens they eat. Add it to the 4-5 other leafy greens, and a packed cup is enough for a two-pound rabbit.

Mizuna is an excellent source of vitamin A and K. It also has calcium (210 mg per 100g), vitamin C, and iron, among other nutrients. Again, this vegetable has antioxidants like kaempferol (has anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory properties), beta-carotene (useful for eye and heart-healthy, and fights against some cancer types), and quercetin (a potent anti-inflammatory).

Furthermore, vitamin K will support healthy bones and has a role in clotting. However, it may interact with blood-thinning medications since it is high in vitamin K.

However, since it is high in calcium, ensure you don’t include any of these veggies or any other that are high in calcium too, i.e., don’t have:

  • Collard greens
  • Carrot tops
  • Yu choy
  • Dandelion greens
  • Spring greens
  • Kale
  • Turnip tops

Diets high in calcium may contribute to the formation of urinary calcium stones as well as urinary calcium sludge characterized by painful urination, crystals I urine, blood in urine, and frequent urination of small urine volume, among others.  

Introduce it slowly

If you intend to give your rabbits mizuna, go organically grown ones (have not harmful chemicals including fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides) and start slow.

Usually, you need to give them a very minimal amount and watch how their tummy reacts. If it doesn’t cause any stomach troubles, increase the amount gradually over a week.

Finally, even if they seem to like it to so much, don’t exceed the required amounts. Leafy greens and other fresh foods should be 10-15% while hay should be unlimited. Also, pellets and treats should be limited at 5% and 0-5%, respectively.

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