Can Rabbits Eat Sugar Beets

Like beetroot, sugar beet is one of the varieties of Beta vulgaris or beet plant grown for its taproot that is high in sucrose that is commercially used to produce sugar. Besides sugar production, they are also used in making some alcoholic drinks, as an alternative fuel (biobutanol) and is a source of uridine, among other applications. 

Rabbits shouldn’t eat sugar beets since they are very high in starch and, to be more specific, sugar, making them very unhealthy.

Can rabbits eat sugar beets
Can rabbits eat sugar beets?

Excessive sugar may cause dysbiosis (disrupt delicate microflora balance in a rabbit’s gut) since it will alter normal pH and promote the growth of some of the potentially toxic bacteria, which may affect the normal flow of food in their digestive system.

Besides causing cecum dysbiosis, being high in calories, sugar beets may cause weight gain and obesity, mostly if your furry critter eats a lot.

Finally, they are low in fiber, making them not the kind of food that bunnies eat. These animals depend on high fiber diets that are low in energy.

Stay away from unhealthy foods

Rabbits shouldn’t eat unhealthy foods that include starchy or sugary foods. Avoid seeds, nuts, grains, or any other human foods. Instead, here is what your bunny should eat:

  • Grassy hay – Give them an unlimited amount. Let it be not less than 80% of their total food intake. Timothy, oats, and meadow are a good choice of hay.
  • Leafy greens – Rabbits need 5-6 different types of leafy greens each day. A cupful is enough for a rabbit weighing two pounds. They will provide vitamins, antioxidants, phytochemicals, and other nutrients.
  • Pellets – They are essential in ensuring your rabbit has enough minerals. Let them be not more than 5% of what your bunny eats.
  • Treats – Non-leafy veggies, flowers, herbs, fruits, and commercial treats shouldn’t exceed 5% of daily calorific intake.
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