Can Rabbits Wear Collars?


Animal collars refer to devices worn on necks of various animals for several reasons including harnessing, tying up, identification, bark control, training, keep insects away (such as fleas), prevent the animal from lick its body (Elizabethan), pig hunting, among other functions. 

There are various types and brands of these devices designed to be attached to animals such as dogs, cats, pigs and horses and they should not be confused with a harness or leash.

Can rabbits wear collars?

Can bunnies wear them or there are they dangerous. No. Rabbits should not wear collars of any kind not even the kind rabbit collar with bell you may get on sale or those for kitten, cat or dog ones. These devices are not designed or supposed to be worn by this pet because of the following reasons:

No to collars
No to collars

Injury risks

These devices can cause injuries to your rabbit. For instance, if it gets entangled or caught by something, your bunny may break its own neck or get strangled. This is common if this animal gets startled since it’s a prey animal.

Similarly, while this pet is trying to remove these devices, it may injure its neck, jaws or its paws get stuck in it, and consequently cause injuries. Therefore, always avoid these any kind. There are no safe ones.

Skin irritation

Since the fur around the neck area is often very thin, friction from continuous use of these devices can cause skin inflammation, irritation, and even fur loss.

Maybe hazardous

Bunnies chew almost anything they can. Chewing is one of their natural behavior. There is a risk of them trying to chew any collar you might put on them, especially if made from chewable material. Non chewable materials may also damage their teeth if they try hard to chew them. 

What about rabbit e-collars or cone ones?

Your bunnies should not be allowed to wear an Elizabethan collar too. This device is designed to stop your bunny from damaging, disrupting or excessively grooming a surgical site or an injured area.

In most cases, the overgrooming or disruption is often due to “unnecessary pain and discomfort, often arising from inadequate peri-surgical or postoperative analgesia, poor surgical technique, or inexperience with rabbit surgical procedures”, notes

After surgery, this device may worsen post-operative anorexia, cause additional stress and affect normal pellet ingestion by this animal. Therefore, avoid them.


Whereas it is possible to get some bunny collars on sale in your local pet store or online, always avoid these devices as they are unsuitable and present risks of injury, stress among other effects we have stated.

Only in extra special circumstances may your vet recommend the use of cone or e-collar. Do not buy one for these pets as they do not require them.

In case your vet rcommends one, supervision, choosing a close fitting, may be a way to go.

If you want to walk your bunny, consider rabbit harness and leashes or leads and ensure they are used to wearing the harness before you go walking it.

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